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General Contracting: 3 Cool Career Perks + Easy Steps To Get Licensed

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Do you have a head for business and a heart for helping others make their vision a reality? Do you love to work with your hands but also pride yourself on your management and communication skills? If you’re searching for a new career and have the skills to lead a team, you may be interested in becoming a general contractor.

What Is A General Contractor?

What exactly is a general contractor, and what do they do? In this career, you would be in charge of drawing up a contract with the main property owner to perform construction on a given building. You would then oversee the construction project to its completion, working with the property owner and your team to ensure the project is completed with professionalism, precision, within budget, and on time.

Why Should I Become A General Contractor?

While this is a challenging, demanding, and sometimes dangerous field to enter, there are many perks and advantages to choosing a career as a general contractor.

  • It’s Flexible

You have a non-traditional schedule that is flexible and variable throughout the year. If you’re itching to flee your 9-5 desk job, this may be a plus for you. While the hours can be long and strenuous, your day will never be inert or boring again, and no project is exactly the same. While it isn’t for everyone, many general contractors enjoy the variable schedule.

  • It’s Multifaceted

This job is so much more than just having a knowledge of construction. You also must know how to run a business, how to be in charge of a team, have decent negotiation skills and knowledge of sales practices, and have excellent communication skills. If you are someone with a head for business and a bevy of marketable skills, consider this multifaceted career.

  • It’s Rewarding

When you are a general contractor, you get to build relationships with multiple clients throughout your career, from families to big corporations. You get to have the satisfaction of leading a team, doing a hard day’s work, and making your clients’ lives easier.

How Do I Get Started?

First things first, you must obtain the proper license in your state. All general contractors must apply, study for, and successfully complete their license to practice in their state before they can get started in their new career. Here are some steps to help you on your way!

  • Meet All The Requirements

First, you must make sure you meet all the legal requirements to apply for the exam. You must be 18 years of age or older, show moral fortitude, and meet all the financial requirements to obtain a license in your state before you can apply for the exam.

  • Complete Application

Once you have decided you meet all the requirements, obtain and complete an application to practice general contracting in the state you intend to start your business in. If you go by a nickname, make sure to apply with the name you intend to conduct business with!

  • Study Study Study

When it comes time to prepare for the exam, work smart by hiring a tutor or investing in an online program like RocketCert that can give you the tools you need to succeed.

  • Choose A License For You

Make sure you choose the proper license for the work you intend to do. Licenses are categorized by classification and limitation. Classification tells you what kind of work you are allowed to do with your license, and limitation tells you the dollar amount of the projects you are allowed to undertake.

  • Take The Exam

Once your application is approved, you may take the exam in your state, and expect the licensing process to take 30 days.

Good luck, and get ready to enjoy flexibility and fulfillment in your new career as a general contractor!

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