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How to grab Guest Blogging Opportunities and Present an Outreach Plan to Clients

With stiff competition in the current market scenario, it is very important for every company to have an edge over its peers so as to catch the eyes of probable customers and also reach higher levels of growth and success. The digital world has long been used to further marketing campaigns and enhance the company profile better. The internet helps companies’ reach out the larger audiences in a smoother, easier and trendier manner. It is however, important for clients to keep up with the pace of the fast evolving digital world in terms of its marketing strategies. Search Engine Optimization, blog posts, PPC marketing, etc. are some of the commonly opted for digital marketing techniques. Guest blogging is another avenue that companies can highly benefit from. Though a new concept, Guest blogging is fast picking up the fancy of customers.

If you are an agency that provides digital marketing solutions to companies, then guest blogging opportunities should be among the top names in your list of positive solutions for companies. Now since the concept is new, customers are less likely to be widely aware about the process of guest blogging and exactly how your agency can help them in gaining maximum value out of digital outreach. It can be an intriguing effort from your end to explain the various advantages of digital outreach and convince clients to give you the contract for guest blogging opportunity.

It is best to have a plan of execution that will help you present your proposal to the client in style and with confidence. If the client is impressed with your presentation, your work becomes far easier. In order to explain the concept of Guest blogging opportunities to clients, it is wise to create a guest blogging service template that will help you demonstrate the benefits of digital outreach and also explain how the client companies can enjoy a boost in their brand value and have a fool-proof marketing strategy for commercial success.

The proposal should mention some of the following pointers.

1. Point out the guest blogging benefits to the client

Offering in-depth knowledge about the various beneficial results that the customer is likely to enjoy with guest blogging will allow them to think positively and decide. Certain plus points include,

  • Increased brand awareness
  • Improved SEO authority
  • Provision of solutions for existing client problems
  • Improved social media presence
  • Increase in online traffic
  • Increased leads

It is better to be clear and precise about the primary goals that the client is expected to experience. The secondary goals are also to be explained that are likely to the obtained within a stipulated time keeping other factors in to consideration. Always stay stress upon the ultimate goal and do not deter from the main focus of the customers company.

Ensure to notify that guest blogging services will ultimately be time efficient, which is a boon in today’s competitive market.

2. Discuss site qualifications

Discuss site qualifications that you will be using to rate potential guest blogging opportunities to the clients. Explain them the importance of each qualifier or metric. Each metric estimates the popularity of the client’s website as compared to competitors. Do ensure to educate them on issues like,

  • Number of page views
  • Number of distinguished visitors
  • Audience sharing or overlap score (in case two sites share a similar audience)
  • Social following
  • Syndication network
  • Publisher quality

3. Review existing client information

Once you are able to gain the trust of the client and convince them to take up your invaluable services, help them understand the gaps in their existing digital marketing strategy and the potential good guest blogging services has to overcome such. Set and define the clients target audience and provide data about the existing number of inbound links

Talking to clients about their expected customers and current customers to get information about their target audience and then try to gather additional demographic details. This is the most effective guest posting tool as it provides detailed data about a client’s current website users. This gives you a deeper insight into whether they are successfully reaching who they want to reach or not. Once you have all such information in hand, you can customize the digital marketing strategy accordingly to gain maximum benefits.

4. Set site qualifications for guest blogging

With allimportant information in hand, you can now set the required guest posting site qualifications, like high or low authority metrics, social visibility of the clients site, social media presence, etc.It is also essential to chart out the primary goals that the client aspires to achieve and formulate a checklist to monitor the entire process of the clients website.

5. Identifying websites with shared audiences

When you are aware about what exactly is the goal of your client you need to finalize on the type of guest blogging opportunities you need to imply. Once done, you need to search for blogging sites that have a shared audience within the existing target demographic. The Audience Overlap Tool is the best option to do so. This tool helps find out websites that enjoy the highest level of online traffic as well as the most shared in-common audiences.

6. Pin-point website measures or metrics

After listing down the potential guest posting sites for the client, you need to find out suitable site metrics so as to qualify sites that can prove to be productive in delivering the best advantages for your digital marketing campaign.

7. Select & qualify suitable sites

Use apt tools to select and qualify suitable websites. Then fill in the guest blogging opportunity templates with the list of the suitable sites along with the target audience and metric qualifications. Charting down demographic measures is also essential. Having finalized on metric standards for sites will prove highly beneficial as it allows significantly selecting qualifying sites and disqualifying unsuitable sites.

8. Decide on the guest blogging opportunity

Once both the demographic and qualifier metrics have been finalized, you can think and come up with innovative ideas for your digital marketing strategy. Developing ideas for each chosen site from your qualified list of sites can be done by using proper tools like the Competitor Keyword Matrix. This tool also shows a list of SEO keywords that rank in all the qualified sites. This will help you find out the popular topics for guest blogging posts and enable you to formulate suitable content for your website for guest post topics.

9. Get your clients approval

Prepare a sound template proposal for guest blogging services and present such to your client. Convince them and get their approval to implement such. Your template should include the following,

  • Explain the benefits of guest blogging
  • Set out specific goals for the digital media campaign
  • Define and set certain site qualifications
  • Gather and note the clients demographic and metric information
  • Set the metrics for campaign-specific qualifications for your website
  • Highlight on the SEO tools proposed to be used

Finally formulate and present a list of guest blogging opportunities in your proposal that are likely to:

  1. Target the suitable audiences
  2. Have keywords that accelerate sales
  3. Meet up to the desired qualifiers

Once all such is presented to the client, he or she is likely to have a detailed understanding the benefits and value of digital marketing and PR. This will help you in gaining their trust in implementing a suitable guest blogging campaign for them.

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