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Healing process for the body, mind & soul

spiritual Healing

The human body is a complex whole. The brain sends outs signals via nerves that allow other body parts to function; the heart pumps blood and circulates it throughout the body; the liver and the stomach aid in digestion and so on. The overall well-being of the human body is when one says that the person is in good health. Health refers to a person’s ability to adapt and manage while facing physical, mental and social challenges.

Apart from physical well-being, another area of concern is emotional health. A person needs to be emotionally secure and happy to be said as emotionally healthy. Mental peace and satisfaction goes a long way in keeping a person hail and healthy. In case a person faces any form of distress, be it physical, mental or emotional, there in come the need for treatment, healing and cure. The healing process may include numerous steps and procedures considered best for the type of illness.

Religious outlook towards healing

Spiritually, the religious books refer the human body to be comprising of three major parts namely, the body, the soul and the spirit. So in case a person falls ill, he or she needs to undergo healing in three parts so as to heal and get cured altogether. The bible listed three major forms of healing. These include,

  1. Spiritual healing

This is when the human spirit gets damaged due to sins. Spiritual healing refers to the restoration of the human spirit by receiving forgiveness from God or from the one the person has committed the sin on. A constant flow of forgiveness helps a person maintain humility and keep the spirit pure and unwounded.

  1. Emotional Healing

This refers to the healing of the soul. When a person commits a sin, he or she feels guilty. This guilt is nothing but an emotional reaction. Emotional healing helps a person overcome his or her guilt. When a person faces a sin committed by others, he or she is likely to feel angry, upset, shameful or bitter. Emotional healing helps the person overcome such emotions and helps him or her stop thinking about what he or she has done or what others may have done.

  1. Physical Healing

physical healing

Physical healing is when one gets treated for bodily harm or damage. This could be in the form of medication, treatment or therapy. It involves treating wounds and cuts. With time they heal and a fresh new layer of skin grows and covers the wound, thus restoring the body to its previous self.

Medical Overview on healing

Apart from spiritual texts, the field of medicine deals with the subject of healing process as well. Here doctors and health practitioners pay heed to the well-being and health of people. Healthcare professional believe medication, therapy, surgical treatment and pharmaceutical treatment to be part of the healing process for the well-being and good health of a person. These procedures are often employed while treating physical, mental or emotional distress of patients. Doctors often conduct healing process among patients in the following steps,

  • Discuss the case history of the patient in detail
  • Diagnose the type and cause of problem or sickness
  • Chart a treatment procedure
  • Proceed with required treatment in the form of medication pills, therapy, etc
  • Maintain a check in the improvement graph or pattern


Healthcare professionals and doctors often prescribe medication in the form of drugs, pills and tonics that when consumed help the body restore health. Medicines help cure diseases and illnesses. Medicines play a large role in the overall healing process of the body and the mind.


Doctors also include therapy as a part of their treatment of illnesses. In many cases, they often refer therapy sessions to patients that aid in the healing process. This includes massages, exercise sessions and the like. Physiotherapy, aromatherapy, acupuncture, massages and meditation are some common forms of therapy that are suggested to work for the healing process of patients.


Apart from prescribed pills and therapy for patients, many healthcare professional believe in counseling sessions to work wonders for the emotional and mental distress faced by many people. Counseling sessions may be attended to overcome emotional distress due to physical reason like accidents, mishaps, etc. They can also be meant for aid to overcome emotional problems like loss of loved ones, personal insecurities, lack of confidence, etc. counseling works for physical as well as emotional healing.

Counseling sessions attended with psychologist and psychiatrists help patients deal with their problems in a different manner. They learn to understand the reason of their anxiety or unhappiness and learn to cope with it. It has often been noted that patients tend to feel better having shared their true feelings or hidden apprehensions with counselors. One tends to regain the lost confidence and faith, recover from emotional losses and deal with circumstances better.

The healing process mainly aims to help a person forget the past or at least learn to accept it and move on in life. For such, one has to learn to relax, reduce stress, look forward for the better and live a healthy life.


Reiki is a technique that aims to help people reduce stress and relax. This technique is a gift to mankind from Japan. Reiki reportedly plays an important part in the physical, spiritual and emotional healing process. The word Reiki is derived from two words, Rei meaning “Gods wisdom” and Ki meaning “Life force energy”.

Reiki is a natural, safe and simple method of self-improvement and spiritual healing. Reiki experts state that the technique treats the person on an overall basis, that is, the body, mind, soul, emotions and spirit. There are many beneficial effects of this therapy that includes relaxation, peace of mind, emotional security and mental well-being.


Meditation is a technique that involves the training of the mind. The practice aims towards creating a mode of consciousness. The technique is said to help a person relax the mind and work towards self-improvement. People who engage in regular meditation is said to be able to regulate the mind. Many people have declared that they have been able to improve their concentration levels and patience by regular meditation. The technique is also said to work in reducing physical conditions like high blood pressure, depression and anxiety.

Current situation

Nowadays almost every person in on the run. Irregular lifestyle, unhealthy eating habits, lack of physical exercise and increasing stress are all playing havoc to human health. Increasing indulgence in fast food is affecting the physical health of people. Serious health hazards, like obesity, cardiac problems, diabetes, high blood pressure and arthritis have household diseases today.

Hectic work demands, lack of social life and unbalanced lifestyle have been noted by health experts to be affecting the physical, mental and emotional well being of people at large. Lack of time and patience is specified as common complaints for most people. Elevating stress levels and work load no longer allows one to concentrate towards personal health and well-being. But most fail to realize that the run for a better lifestyle is not actually helping them to enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

The urge to be successful than their peers is a common desire. People are no longer happy or satisfied with what they have. People live in isolation, within limited social gatherings. This has resulted in emotional health being affected among most individuals today. Feelings like jealousy, dissatisfaction, hopelessness and greed are driving individuals towards loneliness.

So then what is the healing process and cure in such cases? Perhaps, one should take some time off and think about what they actually want in life to be happy and healthy; where exactly is the rat race taking them and how to they wish to change the situation. Only then can one overcome the hurdles, find solutions and thus work towards leading an overall healthy life.

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