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Health Benefits of Oregano Oil You Should Know!

Oregano oil is a product extracted from the plant called Origanum Vulgare. It generally contains a high quantity of beneficial compounds, which are naturally present in the plant.

The oil is mainly available for oral consumption, but the oregano essential oil is more concentrated and usually used in aromatherapy. It is always suggested that you must never consume essential oils orally.

Whether an individual takes an oral supplement or applies it to the body, oregano oil is helpful in a wide range of conditions. Compounds found in the oregano oil shows potential antimicrobial and antioxidant properties that explain several health benefits.

Also, there are some potential issues and risks involved with it, so you must consider them carefully before using the oregano oil, and it might not be helpful for every individual. In this article, you will know about the potential health benefits of oregano oil. Firstly, you need to understand what oregano oil is.

What is Oregano Oil?

Origanum vulgare, or Oregano, is a plant that comes under the category of the mint family. It is a popular culinary herb that you can find in most of the Italian dishes.

Oregano oil contains a high concentration of essential compounds in its smaller stems and leaves. During the manufacturing of oil, the leaves and stems are dried, then the plant is steam-distilled to extract as many essential compounds as possible.

It usually contains thymol (a compound that helps the body fight fungal infections and protects against toxins), and Carvacrol (the main compound found in oregano oil and an antioxidant known as phenol.)

Potential Health Benefits of Oregano Oil

Treating several Fungal Infections

Oregano oil is a potent antifungal agent, which is due to the high-concentration of thymol in it. According to research, thymol is effective for treating common Candida fungal infections.

It causes different types of infections like:

·          Athlete’s foot

·          Infected fingernails or toenails

·          Yeast infections

·          Oral thrush

And, oregano oil helps cure these types of fungal infections.

Healing Wounds at a faster rate

By applying diluted oregano oil to your skin, you might help to protect small scrapes or cuts on the skin, as they will heal faster.

Potent compounds found in oregano oil, such as Carvacrol and thymol, protect these skin wounds from causing severe bacterial infections. There are specific directions on how to use oregano oil to heal skin wounds, so you must consider it before applying it on your skin.

Relieving Body Pain

Yes, it is evident that oregano oil might be an effective pain reliever. According to an animal study, it is found that a specific extract of oregano oil was helpful in providing pain relief.

These results were seen according to the type of dosage; the more the individual took, the more pain was relieved.

Also, the researchers used a particular water-based compound, so the oregano oil might not offer the exact same results. More research on humans can help to determine an exact dose.

Protecting against cancer

Some of the ingredients found in oregano might show some anti-cancer properties. Researchers have found evidence that the oregano extracts can help to prevent DNA damage in body cells because of mitogens, radiation, and oxidative stress.

They also found that thymol and Carvacrol might help to prevent melanoma cells from producing and avoiding skin cancer from spreading.

Eating oregano itself is not actually helpful to prevent cancer. Still, a plant-based diet containing a high concentration of antioxidants might help prevent cell changes that can further lead to cancer.

Can Improve the Gut Health

Oregano might be helpful to benefit the gut health is several ways. Several gut symptoms like bloating, pain, and diarrhea are common and can usually be caused by gut parasites.

By consuming oregano oil, a person can reduce these parasites from producing in a few weeks.


Oregano essential oil and oregano oil extract are usually cheap and always available. It shows high antioxidant properties than several vegetables and fruits, and also it is loaded with potent compounds known as phenols. So, you must start consuming oregano oil, as it has several great health benefits.

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