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How a New Local Business Can Gain Recognition and Increase Customers During Its Infancy

Launching a new local business can be intimidating with competitors already established in a niche. A new local business needs to grow consistently over time to overtake competitors. The growth of customer numbers month after month will take a dedication to marketing. Customer service also has to be a priority to retain customers. Affordability combined with a quality product/service will be the finishing touch. The retention of customers will rely on these variables. The stress on the quality of product and customer service being of paramount importance. Tracking the ROI on each growth tactic can allow a business to allocate money in ways that will help maximize any financial investment. Below are tips to help a local business just starting out to establish name recognition and increase customer volume. 

Ranking High on Search Engines Locally 

The search engines online govern the way a myriad of business is done and where customers are directed. Ranking at the top of a search engine for the phrase “Best divorce lawyer in Austin” can lead to a number of online leads and organic traffic. A combination of social media, content marketing, and online review management will work wonders for a local business. Doing the appropriate keyword research will help a local business target the right keywords. These are keywords that resulted in the most customers or sales. Announcing specials or sales via email blasts can convert in low-cost customer acquisition. The contact information should come from gathered data from the website, surveys, and other tactics to gather info. 

Sponsoring a Charity/Fundraising Event

The local community notices companies that invest their time and money into good causes. The average consumer is far more aware of these types of details about a customer than ever before. Technology has made it immensely easy to turn this act of goodwill into a public relations opportunity. Sponsoring an event can lead to media coverage including news interviews and radio ads. The event being co-sponsored by other companies can breed great local business partnerships. Free items like t-shirts or even pens can help increase brand recognition in the local area. 

Appropriate and Noticeable Signage 

Getting the attention of the local community with signage cannot be understated in importance. Signage gets a business noticed and can completely change the trajectory of the local company. A sign can also create a buzz and lead people to enter the business to ask questions. Businesses that rely heavily on foot traffic are going to need a top of the line sign. Businesses that are not noticeable that rely on foot traffic due to lack of signage are bleeding money every hour they are open. Guthman Outdoor LED Signs can be the perfect helping hand in providing your signage needs. Quality signs that will last for extended periods will only increase the ROI on the noticeable signage. 

Local Mutually Beneficial Business Partnerships 

A business in the area that gives out a coupon to a restaurant or store to customers can generate revenue for both businesses. Reciprocal coupons can increase the reach of both businesses. Accurate targeting of a business with a similar customer demographic becomes essential. The importance of reaching out to quality businesses cannot be understated. Association with a low-quality business that does not value customer experience or has shady business practices can result in a PR nightmare. Building these partnerships can require staff to go to local business meetups or become a part of one of the city’s business clubs. 

Intelligent Hires for Restaurants Makes a Huge Difference

The right hires for a restaurant can lead to increased customer volume during the infancy of the establishment. Certain servers have patrons from their former places of employment that will follow them. This could be due to their incredible energy or customer service. Bartenders that are well-known in the area can come with a following. They understand which customers might deserve a free drink or a free beer due to miscommunication from a server. Bartenders with huge social circles being given a reasonable tab for free drinks can lead to large numbers of customers. A popular bar or restaurant being packed regardless of the patrons will attract more attention than a bar/restaurant that looks dead inside. 

Attentive Nature to Feedback 

Feedback from former and current customers can provide valuable actionable plans for a business to improve. Customers might have had an issue with a part of the sales process or payment process if particular forms of payment are not accepted. In today’s world, online payments are being accepted in physical stores. Stores that lack this option or only take cash are limiting their potential customer volume. Certain employees that are consistently mentioned in complaints can result in write-ups or further training. Asking patrons of a food establishment which specials they would like to see is a great example. The increase in customer numbers during slow parts of the day is imperative in the restaurant industry. Specials during these times can help curb and supplement revenue during slow times. Restaurants that are open yet do not have many customers can bleed money due to wasted food and labor costs. 

A new local business thriving during its infancy can set it up for years of success. Use the above tips to help grow a customer base that will continue to create revenue for years to come. 

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