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How and Why You Need To Turn To Flyers and Stickers In Your Business Strategy

"There’s no school like the old school." The phrase is valid for a proven and efficient approach to business promotion – flyers and stickers. Direct communication on the market hasn’t lost its importance even after the digital marketing revolution – it has only taken on a new form and significance.

In the deafening digital noise of offers created by electronic media, flyers and stickers are the ideal solutions to connect directly with potential customers and announce to the world that you are on the rise. All you need is a bit of imagination, printers for envelopes, and some leg work.

Why You Should Use Flyers and Stickers for Promotion

Before we explore some tips on how you can use these promotional materials, let’s first look at some of the reasons why companies still use them.

Cheaper than online advertising

First of all, it’s a much cheaper way of presenting advertising content than doing so in the digital sphere, and with the right approach, the result can be much more effective. Keep in mind that the prices of sponsored content on the Internet are continually rising.

Independent strategy selection

With flyers and stickers, you can directly control the directions behind your business campaign by selectively distributing promo content to your target demographic (by age, gender, generation, or subculture).

Easier to communicate with the audience

To process information from the physical advertising material, your recipients need, on average, 21% less cognitive effort compared to processing the digital version of the material. A lot of different content appears on the Internet simultaneously, which distracts people from the content of the advertisement.

The perfect way to advertise locally

All you need: an imaginative design of flyers and stickers, and you can already put your material in your neighbor’s mailbox and inform them about the health food store you’ve opened nearby.

Longer duration

Also, flyers and stickers are usually left in a particular place in the house, so when someone needs a particular service, they can quickly establish contact with the provider. The physical ad won’t be lost in a folder full of emails.

These Are the Best Ways to Use Flyers and Stickers to Promote Your Business

Now, since we’ve seen all the benefits that flyers and stickers can bring, let’s get into all the unique ways you can put them to good use.

Focus on tangible materials!

Take advantage of the fact that people prefer tangible content. Research has shown that 90% of direct mail is opened, compared to 20-30% when it comes to digital mail.

Choose an appropriate distribution strategy!

Appropriate tactics are based on a good knowledge of the market and locating areas where your ad would have the potential to get the most response. Find a frequent soft spot for your business.

Be tactful in your visual presentation!

Choose the appropriate way to communicate with the target market. Match the content and design of your ad with the main features of the target group.

Be concise!

Short, clear, and striking content, along with basic information (location, contact info) and an appropriate illustration, will leave a strong impression on your audience.

Play with emotions!

The psychology of an ordinary person is to remember striking details. People are prone to emotional attachment to certain brands. Introduce yourself in a way that will provoke an emotional reaction in them – make them see your brand as their own. Let your sticker be their consumer totem!

Syandita Malakar
Syandita Malakar
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