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How IoT Is Changing the Future of Healthcare Monitoring

Healthcare monitoring in the future can be more effective and extensive with IoT. Earlier, healthcare professionals in nursing homes or medical facilities monitor the patients' health issues like blood sugar, heart levels, blood pressure, etc. while admitting in a hospital for healing.

But it may not be more comfortable to detect complications caused by illness if the patient decides to heal in his family's care at home.

However, now mentoring devices with IoT technologies have enabled patients to feel safe from medical emergencies even while living separately in their homes.

According to JDE, IoT technologies will help monitor patients consistently, ensure security to the patients and their families, and provide real-time alerts even while staying at their home.

The stress for the families and doctors of sick, elderly, and mentally or physically disabled patients will be reduced in the future by the mobility and independence provided by IoT health monitoring. They can react instantly as soon as they are alerted about their health issues.

Peace of mind to caregivers and patients

The life of the family members and relatives of the elderly or sick people is affected by their sickness's stress. Most of them have to spare time from their work schedule to look after their patients because they are concerned about their health.

But, now, emergencies can be detected and reported automatically to caregivers with the help of IoT health monitoring at home. It will monitor the patient's health condition and information about his need for his caregivers through wearable devices.

These wearable devices have personal response systems to know about the patient's pulse rate and blood pressure through the internet and cellular networks. Thus, emergencies and abnormalities can be detected and looked after instantly by caregivers as well as doctors.

More independence for patients

#Chronically ill and elderly patients will get more independence in their routine life with the help of health monitoring at home through IoT technologies as now they can get immediate help in case of any emergency.

In the future, the patients' activities can be monitored more quickly due to the sensor networks used by several homes in a community. They will be able to call for help in case of an emergency. Patients can also use these sensors installed nearby them to communicate with their healthcare providers in routine.

These sensors will allow the family members as well as healthcare providers to receive alerts about the health of the patients, and their safety at home can be ensured easily.

Smart dispensing of the right dose of medication at the right time

Following the schedule of prescribed medication is another challenge faced by most of the patients. Due to their health problems like dementia or Alzheimer's disease etc. it may not be more comfortable for them to remember their medication schedule.

In such a condition, the patient can take a too high or too low dose, causing health emergencies due to serious side effects. It can be made more accessible by using smart medicine boxes backed by IoT technologies so that caregivers and healthcare providers can ensure the intake of the right dose of medication at the right time.

Patients cannot open any box compartment until it is the right time to take any medicine. Some of the IoT-based pillboxes have an in-built speaker to give the patient direction about the dose of the drug to be taken at that time.

In this way, by using IoT technologies, health monitoring can be made easier for caregivers, doctors, and patients. In case of any emergency, IoT-enabled wearable devices can help patients call for help and doctors and family members to get alert about the patient's health conditions even without remaining with them.

Moreover, patients can get the right amount of medicines at the right time, even if there is no one to help them in this regard as IoT based technologies will alert them at the right time.

Thus, IoT is changing the future of healthcare monitoring in several ways to make it comfortable and provide independence to the patients and caregivers.

Syandita Malakar
Syandita Malakar
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