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How Leaders Can Use Webinars to Train their Staff Online

Webinars are used for different purposes today and they are the ideal tools for training remote staff. Gone are days when you needed the trainees to be physically present for training and workshops. Live events are effective in keeping the staff on the loop and familiar with company regulations, protocols, and policies.

Leading companies in the UAE know that webinars are indispensable and they are the easiest tools to engage and instruct employees. A webinar involves a speaker or several speakers who engage a large number of people. The trainees ask questions and respond where necessary using the available tools.

How Successful are Webinars?

Unlike meeting tools that only allow a small number of individuals to engage, webinars can include a large number of participants. Also, webinars allow trainees to ask questions and contribute to the course.

Webinars are cost-effective because training is conducted online as opposed to the traditional classroom setting. This saves a lot of funds which would have been used for catering, organizing a venue, and transport costs.

Productivity is increased. This is because the trainees don’t waste traveling to and from the training venue. The staff can staff with the course immediately. Most webinars last for about an hour, which means you can include a lot of instruction material into this period.

How to Use Webinars to Train Remote Staff

Remote Staff

Creating a webinar can be challenging because you have to make it interesting to hold the attention of the trainees. Here are tips for training your staff online.

Send Training Materials before the Training

Sending training materials before the training ensures that everybody is on the same page during the start and throughout the course. This gives the staff insight into what to expect during their leadership training Dubai workshop. This also makes training easy because the participants know what is in the course.

Choose a Reliable Webinar Platform

You can have the best content for your staff, but if you don’t have a reliable webinar platform, some trainees might not be able to access the training. A reputable webinar platform for leadership training Abu Dhabi online classes allows the trainees to register to the webinar and it supports different ways for people to access training. For instance, some might watch from their Smartphones and other hand-held devices while others choose their computers. Avoid webinars with a lot of advertisements and a limited number of participants.

Choose the Right Equipment

Did you know that the equipment you choose can make your webinar or break it? Don’t just rely on the in-built microphone on your computer. There is nothing more annoying and distracting during a webinar than poor audio quality. Ensure that you have an effective microphone to guarantee that the trainees hear you. Lighting is also important; it can transform your webinar from looking like you are in a gutter to an office. Also, don’t forget one of the most important tools in a webinar, the webcam. The right equipment will make your webinar more engaging and successful.

Utilize Visual Aids

Most people are visual learners which means that using visual aids for your leadership training Dubai webinar will be more captivating. The best way to avoid having a boring lecture is to mix things up and make it more interesting.

Web optimized images might seem obvious to use in your webinar; however, most people forget to include them. This is important because you are transmitting information to many people, with different internet loading speeds.

Infographics, on the other hand, are easy to understand at a first glance. You can use infographics, especially if you are talking about data and statistics. This allows you to breakdown the information so that it becomes easy to relay and understand.

Engage the Trainees

A webinar can get boring when only one party is engaged. Keep your audience engaged by pausing regularly to ask if the trainees have any questions or if they need clarification. Asking the audience questions is also an incredible way to make the session interesting. You can also ask them to share any experience that might be relevant to the topic in discussion. You can also engage the trainees with a pre-recorded webinar. Include questions after discussing a subtopic and allow the audience to discuss it.

Consider Time Zones

Because webinars can be conducted remotely, you ought to consider that some staff might be from a different time zone from you. This is common for big or international companies. Ensure that you make the webinar when most people are available. Also, to avoid this problem, you can make pre-recorded webinars summarizing the topics discussed.

Webinars are some of the most effective ways of training employees, especially those in various geographical locations. It is necessary to prepare for a webinar to make it successful. Also, you should invest in good lighting, audio tools, and a camera. Webinars are convenient and they save time and money.

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