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How to become TOP influencer on TikTok

The road to popularity on the well-known TIKTOK platform sometimes takes quite a long time, and one might even say that it is quite lonely. However, do not despair. You never know which of your videos can make you popular and influential on the platform. Usually, many users can make content for quite a long time and get creative about the issue, but still remain in the shadows, not falling under the rays of glory. Many factors can contribute to this, but later we will try to focus our attention not on failures, but on simple steps that can take you to the TOP on the TIKTOK platform.

It is important to note one of the main rules - everything that makes you popular on such resources such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter will not work in TIKTOK. This site is fundamentally different from the rest, and not only in functionality, but also in the community as a whole. In fact, this is the main reason for its success. If on other sites you can post long videos or just photos and find fame, then everything is completely different on Tiktok. Here you have to fit your thoughts or vision of certain phenomena in the shortest possible time period. This feature is the very problem that most content makers on the site cannot step over. Just like in school, children learn the school curriculum and learn approaches to learning the material, and Tiktok's content makers must learn how to attract the attention of the audience to the topic in ways that they could not before. Makers need to think unique and outside the box to get that special attention. If following the tips does not give you the desired views then you may try to find out how to buy views on TikTok. Let's look at the basic principles of working on such a site.

Get serious about content creation

This advice may seem pretty obvious, but it is. The first step is to analyze popular channels. Try to answer to yourself what exactly attracts you or vice versa in the TOP shooting gallery videos. Maybe it's music, maybe Tiktoker's mimicry and acting skills, maybe all together, or is there some special ingredient? Having received an answer in front of yourself and having carried out at least a superficial analysis, you as a content maker can already move forward. In fact, the viewer is not much different from the one who shoots the video, he is looking for the same thing as the creator and loves about the same thing, since this is the fundamental criterion by which you downloaded TikTok for yourself.

Consistency in releasing your videos

One of the best tips is to keep your production consistent and regular. If a user opens the site and sees that the content is published with a certain regularity, then most likely he will subscribe to the channel, as he will see diligence and regular updates. It happens that even following this rule it is impossible to advance further, the number of subscribers does not increase. This is a consequence of the small number of interested parties, which the platform's algorithms regard as uninteresting content. Especially for this, there is a resource for providing free subscribers and likes - FreeTikTok. It is these guys who will help you take the first significant step towards your popularity, because having received a thousand free subscribers, the platform's mechanisms will take you much higher.

Maintain your individuality

Your main asset is your uniqueness and difference from others. Trying to appear to be who you really are not will lead to ruin and a huge loss of time and effort. Do not try to put on the mask of another person, and remain yourself. Subscribers will arrive on the channel when they see that you are not afraid of yourself, and are ready to share real emotions with others, which will give them the opportunity to share this happiness with you. Do you like to dye your eyebrows with lipstick? Okay, tell the others about it, create content that will emphasize exactly your features.

Analyze trends

One of the most obvious features of the site is, as mentioned earlier, the attention to trending videos. The platform's algorithms are built in such a way that they target hashtags and trends quite aggressively, if a video with a certain challenge comes out in trends, and you ignore it and hit the same niche as before, then your chances of success are rather small. To a simple example, the recent "Dreams Challenge" brought a huge amount of new videos on this topic, and those who were among the first to make a mirror response received their big portion of fame.

Arrange Collaborations

What could be better than one Tiktoker? Obviously two or more. Very often, the influencers of the site unite and together create content that conquers the hearts of millions, and brings its fruits in the form of subscriber growth. If you have someone in mind who creates content similar to you or has similar views on creativity, then you should definitely offer him a collaboration and do something together. People love to see their idols together. But you should be careful with your choice, as a wrong decision can lead to the disappearance of your channel and content in general from the Trends page and not even being displayed in your region, which is essentially a fiasco.

Work and know your audience

Of course, you, as a content creator, decide for yourself what is best for the channel and you can turn the character of your TikTok content 90 degrees at any time, but this will immediately affect the views and attention from your fans in general. Before you make any sharp turns and change the nature of the channel, it is worth considering the tastes and preferences of your most dedicated fans, who are used to seeing content of a certain nature. Violation of these dogmas can directly lead to loss of subscribers and loss of reputation.

Upload your content daily

A regular update of your content will directly affect the flow of the audience and improve your skills, therefore a serious approach to publishing content and its regularity in a short time will make you an influencer faster than others. And if you often don't have the opportunity to publish content, then we advise you to use the FreeTikTok resource and get free likes and subscribers to your channel and selected videos. Link for the resource:

Enjoy and have fun

Nobody likes moody people and moody content. If you are in the production of content, then the main thing that you should learn a simple thing - do it with pleasure! The success of every activity lies in the love of that activity. And even if you feel sad or bothersome at times, it shouldn't be reflected in your content. The result that you get, in turn, will be able to properly cheer you up. A lot of people try to break into the top, but they fail for the simple reason that they do not have enough time, creativity, or internal factors. Do not close yourself in a circle of sadness, and if you have already chosen this path of influencer, follow it with a smile, then give this joy to others, and believe me, people will answer you in full and provide you with a subscription and a like.

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