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How to Build an Energy Management System

The producing advances have changed the lifestyle of the entire world. But the brought advantages have raised crucial natural issues. 

Substantial problems became an essential part of our lives. We all know them. The greenhouse effect. The destruction of the ozone layer. The constant pollution. Ignoring such issues will bring us to a premature Armageddon. So, what can we do?

There are diverse ways to save our planet. One of the most effective is an energy economy. But, to be realistic, it requires more than it could seem. Turning off the lights when they are out of necessity is not enough. 

Recent probes have shown interesting results. The residential buildings consume 30% of produced energy. 

And here is the right moment to meet the Building Energy Management System. Shortened, BEMS.

What does BEMS mean?

Building Energy Management System is a computer-based program. It controls and optimizes the usage of energy. It connects to each facility of a building. Starting with a lighting system and ending with the HVAC. 

The BEMS has two great advantages. First, to monitor all the energy consumption processes. Second, to adjust them to achieve the highest efficiency. 

It can be applied to both residential and commercial types of buildings.

What is the difference between BEMS and BMS?

Building Management System is a prototype of BEMS. The main distinction is the result of their function. 

The BMS gives you centralized dates about energy consumption. 

Meanwhile, the BEMS does not just collect the information. It provides the solutions for current problems. In some cases, it can operate without a manager. For instance:

  • Change the temperature level;
  • Switch to a battery-saving mode;
  • Increase the humidity, etc.

In general, the BEMS aims to achieve stability. It is analyzing the current energy consumption situation. As a result, it serves to offer instructions for resolving issues.

Ways of  BEMS functioning

The energy consumption runs in three alternative ways:

  • Energy efficiency. It is the most popular method to optimize the building's power usage. The basic principle implies minimizing resource usage. 

There are two sub-items:

  • Firstly, the direct economy of energy use. It relies on working out new algorithms which would be power conserving.
  • Secondly, justify the practical application. It requires advanced techniques. They will make the building’s energy system more efficient. 
  • Energy renewal. It is the third way to lower the general power consumption. It addresses economized energy from one system to another. Example: using the remains of production heat to warm up the water.
  • Energy sources change. This is one of the most discussed topics in our time. The usage of more natural-friendly origins is already widespread. Solar and wind power enable us to make less natural harm. At the same time, they produce a sufficient amount of energy.

Building energy management systems consist of advanced technologies. They operate in the most appropriate way. It varies depending on the type of building it belongs to.

How does it work?

The working manner of the BEMS is much easier than it could seem to be. First of all, it connects to the existing systems of your building.

  • Operating groundwork. This system gives access to vital information to BEMS. All the sensors and automated facilities provide it. It includes everything: heating and cooling systems, lifts, smoke sensors, and others.
  • BMS. Connection to this installation provides convenience to the current processes.

The BEMS gathers all the aspects of energy usage. Based on them, it creates adequate settlements. They will serve to improve power efficiency.

Specific qualities of BEMS

  1. Developed analysis. The system makes it easy to observe ongoing processes. It provides precise dates supplied by constant monitoring of them.
  2. Auto resolving emerging issues. ADR (automated demand response) supports energy conservation. Especially, in high-consuming processes. Automation of concrete aspects simplifies the control and economy.
  3. Reference to a guiding portal. The uploading of dates to a special website is a good assistant. It is an easy way to supervise and administrate them.
  4. Improvement. BEMS is an advanced system. Time by time, it requires the substitution of old equipment. This way, your machinery will keep being modern. It will give you a constant improvement of the statement of all the processes. 
  5. Comparative analysis of energy use. This facility provides a comparison with previous periods. It helps to find out the best algorithm for your building.
  6. Validation and improvements. This will show the adequacy of your means of revision.


The creation of BEMS is a great advance. It is an important technology aimed at the reduction of human harm. But the technical progress does not stop. This system also has directions for development.

One of the recent achievements is the Internet of Things. The IoT refers to wireless sensors of different types. They serve a wide range of exploitation. The functions of them are various. They measure the temperature, humidity, outside weather, and more.

Obviously, IoT and BEMS have a direct relation to each other. Based on previous facts, the IoT will be the best supplement for the BEMS. Receiving as many accurate dates, as it can be, is essential. It elevates the quality of BEMS operation.

Combining the features of both systems is a great advance. It will enhance your view of internal processes. The examples can be the following:

  • Sense of aggregate energy usage. Not all the equipment items work the entire day. Insight into each mechanism's percentage of consumption is essential. In particular, for working out appropriate advances.
  • Tenants’ attitude. Knowing the special preferences of each occupant is significant. It will allow making better improvements. Especially, for residential and commercial buildings.
  • Economic strategy. Sense of the details about the energy consumption benefits you a lot. You should know how much, where, and when the building uses energy. It helps to create an algorithm that reduces the volume of usage. It will decrease the total cost of your payment bills.

Those are the most prominent advantages of a joint effort of IoT and BEMS.

All in all, the building energy management system is an essential energy-conserving technology. It has already done a breakthrough in this sphere. And it promises even more forthcoming.

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