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How to Get a Great Job

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Good jobs are hard to come by nowadays, great jobs even harder. But according to CV2You.com, there are strategies you can use to get yourself a great job.

These strategies include:

  • Research jobs and companies before applying
  • Create tailored resumes
  • Impress with a large portfolio
  • Leverage your network

In the end, getting a great job is about being resourceful and accurate.

Do Your Research

Accurate research is the first step in getting a great job. Know your strengths and weaknesses so you can conduct tailored research finding the job that suits your personality and value.

Hiring sites and local discussion boards are good places to start. You can also join a few online business groups if you’d rather work with smaller businesses that have shown fast growth.

Use a Resume Builder Online

CV2You.com has a free online resume building app that uses templates pre-approved by senior recruiters and HR directors. All you need to do is choose the creative assets you like, then fill in the required fields.

These resumes are professional, simple, and compatible with automated hiring systems. Therefore, your applications will have a larger chance of being noticed by the interviewer.

Expand Your Portfolio

Always include the link to your portfolio in your resume or CV. If you are using a free resume maker, copy/paste the link in the summary section, or under skills and qualifications.

Make sure your portfolio is up to date and includes every project ou’ve worked on. Fill out as much information as possible, including dates and details of the projects.

Having a solid, diversified portfolio is key to getting an outstanding job. If you are not sure about the format or other details, take a look at best practice examples for the industry you are targeting.

Leverage Your Network

Once you have your resume and portfolio ready, reach out to your business network. These individuals have more experience than you do, and they‘ve been in the business world way longer than you have.

Treat them as mentors and with respect. Reach out to them with honesty and integrity. Also, make sure you send them a copy of your resume if you are asking for a referral or feedback.

Targeted networking could also help you get a great job. Determine on which industry or what positions you want, then join some niche groups in your area. If you work remotely, then you have even more options.


In conclusion, you must be strategic if you want to stand out among other candidates. CV2You.com recommends you to use an online resume creator to write creative yet professional resumes and CVs.

Of course, a resume alone isn’t enough to get a great job. Expand your portfolio with recent projects, or participate in some volunteer or contests so you have more items to add.

Once you have all the materials ready, reach out to your network for referrals or begin your hunt on job sites. Don’t hesitate to ask for help, you will be surprised how many supportive individuals you know.

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