Thursday, September 28, 2023
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How to secure your building?

As a building owner or manager, you have to think about several fortes, but two primary focuses usually include building safety and security.

In a world of rapid changes, tech development, and overall fast movement that often includes crime actions, it can be difficult to keep your building safe or secure.

This is why continually improving building safety and security is a must. Here is how to improve building security in five easy steps.

Is Your Roof Safe?

There are many solutions on the market claiming that each product is equally effective when this simply isn't true; because you should focus on effectiveness and that is something that roof edge protection brings, so use roof edge protection to secure your building, as they are based on standards, designed to last and usually come with a years-long warranty which helps you sleep better at night.

People often tend to focus on the danger that comes to their front door, or upstairs windows that they forget what's over their heads.

Burglars could climb to the roof to gain access, which is why you should think about roof protection.

Install Motion Detector Lights And Cameras

This is a pretty basic tip, but it is one of the most effective ones. This way your building should be equally safe during the day and night.

An intense blast of light should make everyone move and run. Plus, a proper light shows that your building has a professional security system, making everyone think twice before they make trespassing.

Use High-security Keys

High-security keys are specially made and always bought from an authorized distributor.

These keys are usually one of a kind and are hard to duplicate.

In most cases, the building owner or resident manager has to order them from a distributor. The great thing about these keys is that they are commonly pick-proof.

Territorial Reinforcement

If you want to prevent unauthorized entry you should think about making a clear separation between public and private property.

This distinction will always communicate that certain areas demand legitimation as it offers a sense of ownership. This way people who do not belong there will have difficulty blending in.

Think About Interior Security

For extra security, interior security does wonders. Think about hidden cameras, specially hard-proof doors, and even hidden areas where you can store really sensitive (and expensive) items.

Do not forget to think about the best way to overlook parking lots, elevators, main and back entryways, and other common areas.

Last, But Not Least…

Did you know that the majority of breaches happen as a result of insider actions?

In most cases, employees are not well-educated on security protocols, may deliberately make a mistake, or be careless.

To avoid any of these scenarios train your employees on best practices and always check for their satisfaction as human error is something that you can't predict - no matter how great software you might have.

Pro tip: To help your employees manage better have steps on security protocols written, so they can always check them.

Syandita Malakar
Syandita Malakar
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