Importance Of Healthy Snacks In A Weight Loss Diet Plan


Even when we stick to the most filling food items in the day yet we begin to feel hungry hours before dinner. Now a heavy snack here is not a good option as it is going to suppress the capacity for dinner. Hence it is an important decision to carefully choose your snacks, especially when you are following a diet plan for natural weight loss.

Though it is an effective way to get some nutrients of the day, yet making a wise choice is going to fill you enough to last until dinner. But they are crucial in day’s meal plan. You cannot have them fill you way too much to miss your dinner and you can’t skip them either. So it is better to understand why snacks are important with the help of the information provided below.

Control Overeating

Snacks help shield you from getting excessively eager in the middle of dinners and after that gorging at your next supper. So next time you begin to feel hungry two or three hours before lunch or dinner, don't attempt to hold up. Rather, eat a little healthy snack to hold you over. Join starch-rich sustenances club which includes whole grains, organic products or vegetables with protein nourishment like nuts or dairy items for the most filling tidbits.

Maintain Blood Sugar

Sound eating helps keep your glucose levels even, particularly in the event that you eat a predictable amount of carbs at every meal. This is particularly useful for diabetics. The main purpose is to keep blood levels in control. When you are consuming snacks, the balance is often maintained.

Take In Nutrients

If you pick nutritious bites, snacks will likewise enable you to meet your supplement requirements for the afternoon and evening as well. Despite the fact that it's advised to have a healthy snack from time to time, a large portion of it should be avoided and a majority of the required nutrients should come from the meals of the day.


Also, keep in mind that these substances are not alternate options for food items. They contain supplements required for weight loss and are not the supplements in themselves.

List of healthy snacks

1.  Oats Idli

Oh yes! Idli was one of the great breakfast menu items but now it is also a great item on the snacks menu too. With its contents like carrots, chillies, coriander and oats it is one of the easiest and filling recipes of all times.

2.  Mixed Millet Bhel Puri

To everyone’s surprise, this food item is enormously healthy with the richness of ragi and millet in it. It can be prepared easily and an addition of half a cup of roasted peanuts with a glass of lime juice might be the saviour for you.

3. Banana Oat Bread

When the long day calls for a healthy and quick snack then this recipe might be the best option. It is low on carbs and being prepared from banana and oats, it is enriched in nutrients coming from them.

4. Mixed Vegetable Poha

Yes, the common dish of poha can now serve as a great healthy snack too. With lots of vegetables in it, you can always experiment with the forever favourite poha.

5. Vegetable Upma

For the ones who are already in love with this dish, you can add more reasons to have it. Try and add peas, beans, chopped carrots and onions to give it a new taste and aroma and enjoy the improvised & healthier vegetable upma.

6. Vegetable Sandwiches

Although as the name suggests that it is a vegetable sandwich, the ingredients can always be changed. You can place anything you like besides just cucumber & tomato in it.

7. Bread Upma

Just prepared like your regular upma, now you just have to use bread slices and your healthy filling snack is ready.

8. Lentil And Charred Broccoli Chaat

When you are really out of options and don’t know what to make out of broccoli and sprouts, why not give chaat a try? It is going to be tasty prepared by you and filled with nourishment coming from the ingredients.

9. Ragi Cookies

Do you love cookies but the diet plan doesn’t allow it? What if there was a way out of this? Try and prepare crunchy and healthy cookies from ragi and keep yourself and your diet plan satisfied.

  10. Fresh Corn Bhel

You must have heard of sweet corn but corn bhel sounds new. Well, it is actually easy to be prepared and enriched with your favourite corn. Simply add some chutney or sauce, chopped onions and lemon juice it is ready to eat.

Try out these quick recipes when falling short of time but never miss out on the nutrients for your body. Though, they are filling, healthy and easy to be made, don’t get used to them as an alternate of a meal. Remember, they are healthy but snacks with only one motive to keep you off the junk food items.