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Improve Employee Engagement and Retain Your Valued People

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What is the purpose of attracting employees? Allegedly uninterested employees mean poor business results, so it goes without saying that employees who are engaged will deliver solid business results, right? Not necessary. Participation for the sake of participation can be strenuous work or even a deviation from true productivity due to erratic morale-building activities.

Employee engagement increases business performance. But what drives employee engagement? Satisfaction, efficiency, and commitment are intertwined as you move up. Each element has different driving forces, but they complement each other to improve productivity in the workplace.

Think about it, because just because employees are happy with their work does not mean that they are effective or engaged. An employee may be completely satisfied with their job and not fully committed to it. To complicate matters further, the employee may be engaged and satisfied, but ineffective. These three components work together to create an environment in which employees are highly motivated and committed to performing at their best.

Fully engaged employee profile

So what is a fully engaged employee? These elements represent some of the more common characteristics of those involved. 

They are:

  • Do your best
  • Constantly learn and take measured risks
  • Feeling out of your comfort zone
  • Be personally satisfied with the quality of your work.
  • Finding a job can be stressful at times, but it's also rewarding and fun.
  • I love your job.

Below is a list of the factors that cause dissatisfaction, satisfaction, efficiency, and engagement.

  1. Engines of satisfaction

These factors will satisfy employees, but not necessarily make them effective. It is for employees who are only satisfied that they are "doing their best to get ahead."

  • Relationships (manager, colleagues)
  • Interesting job
  • Confession
  • Opportunities for growth

2. Factors of dissatisfaction

These are the basics. If these areas are not adequately met, employees are more likely to look for other jobs.

  • Compensation
  • Work safety
  • Safety
  • Fair policy

3. Mechanisms of interaction

These factors influence employee discretionary efforts. When these factors are met, employees choose to give up all their work responsibilities.

  • Possess strengths
  • Duty
  • Aligning values
  • Excellent leadership
  • Incentive work environment / team

4. Factors of efficiency

These elements are important if the employee is to be able to contribute significantly. These factors remove constraints that can prevent employees from doing their best.

  • Clearly conveyed address
  • Pride at work
  • Access to information and resources
  • Decision-making body
  • Personal and professional update

Boost employee engagement

Here are some tips for increasing employee engagement.

  • Make sure employees are in the right job where their strengths can be maximized.
  • Focus on administrative behavior. Many employees quit their managers rather than their jobs.
  • Provide opportunities for promotion and report them regularly.
  • Measure it, report results, and create action plans to improve it.

In conclusion, remember that not all employees will "turn" into fully engaged employees. With a perfect employee experience model in mind, focus on the people who are most important to the success of your organization. Look at the factors that affect your engagement and find ways to make improvements.

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