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Instagram Giveaways: 8 Innovative Ideas To Acquire Tons Of Engagement

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Instagram is one of the thriving and fun-overloading social media platforms. It is a big treat for business owners, marketers, influencers, meme creators, and trollers to make money and achieve what they want. For youngsters, it's the best place to create fun and to get entertained. Instagram has the practice of keeping featuring the app to meet users' satisfaction and for business people. Likewise, it has introduced many features, stickers on the Instagram story part. Using Instagram features, business owners can promote or advertise their products or services in appealing and attractive manners. Instagram story is a brilliant method to do your marketing strategy to gain your target audience and bring more engagement. Giveaways contest is a modern and effective way to run your marketing strategy.

Do you want to increase your Instagram stories, especially in the giveaway? Then try the following hacks to improve your engagement in the giveaway contest.

Provide An Exclusive Offer

Your giveaways must be an exclusive offer to your audience, providing them a lifetime experience deal. That they ever imagine and they don't get often. It makes them feel so much excitement about your giveaways.

Analyze the interest of your audience and plan ideas according to them. Come up with the prizes that your audience love to receive. Some of the giveaways ideas

Lifestyle & fashion: Offer them a gift voucher or discounts for your store with a personal shopper

Trip: Give them a dream holiday of attractive location with full spending money and expenses

Food: Take them a tour of five-star hotel

Sports & games: Have a meet with top sports players and share with your people

If you feel you can't afford these ideas, try partnering with supporting brands to help in your cost giveaways. It helps to reach each other's audience, a good way of promotion for your giveaways, and attaining more people. Spotting this, many people show interest in participating in the contest, so automatically your brand visibility id improved. Another idea to create awareness about your giveways is to post them as stories because more than 85% of Instagram users watch stories frequently. Also, you can buy Instagram story views from Snaphappen to get more people participate in the  giveaways which maximizes audience engagement and followers count as well.

Gather User-Generated Content

You all know that user-generated content is the powerful stuff to promote your particular brand or products, right. It will raise your brand authenticity and help to encourage your sales rate. Try to collect user-generated content from your customers. A giveaway contest is the best way to gather it from your audience. Ask your audience to share their content of product reviews and feedback to enter the contest. After checking all those shared content, you can announce the winner based on their quality and context of the content.

The following are the example of UGC you can ask with your audience

  • You can demand them a picture of them using a product
  • Ask your followers whether they take part in any video challenge you offered; if yes, then ask them to share it
  • Unboxing video of your products
  • Any fan-made trailers about your new launch, gifts, visuals compliment they offer
  • Innovative product placement pictures

The point is you must reward them with exciting prizes for their efforts to enter your contest.

Give Promotion To Your Events With Free Tickets

If you are getting news that there is a football match or any sports match and you know it will grant success, many people are excited to watch. So grab this excellent chance and announce a free ticket for the winner of your giveaway contest.

Don't end with giving one set of tickets; increase the possible participants with multiple sets of tickets.

For many entries, you can try giving an easy contest

  • Ask your people to tag their friend to watch the match with them
  • Have to advertise your giveaways on their social media networks
  • Following your account
  • Subscribe to your newsletter
  • Giving comments likes to your blog posts

Come Up With Seasonal Giveaways

Come up with seasonal giveaways to get more attention and excitement from the audience. It pushes lots of people to enter. Always holiday or seasonal giveaways are very famous and favored among the people. Since it's a people longing for a year to celebrate that particular day. It will establish more enthusiasm from the audience, so sure you can increase your participation.

Make use of all seasonal or holiday function, celebrations like,

  • New year
  • Valentine's day
  • Mother's day
  • 4th of July
  • Summer break
  • Halloween
  • Thanksgiving
  • Black Friday
  • Cyber Monday
  • Christmas

Depending on your region, country holidays will vary according to your location and target audience, so plan seasonal giveaways relying on that.

Appreciate Your Genuine Customers

Value those customers or followers who offer what you want frequently. Genuine customers will help to improve your business development. Appreciating them is an excellent way to hold their love and affection for you for an extended period.

Think, appreciate your genuine customers by offering them special Instagram story giveaways.

You can proceed with this by locking your contest by password protected page. Search with your database to check the followers who used your business more than once. Ask them to send the email with a specific link or any password to approach your special giveaways.

Instead, you can include the need for people to share the email when purchasing from you. By the way, you can measure their genuineness in that method.

Advertise Your New Outcomes

Advertise your new launch or outcome by hosting Instagram story giveaways. It is the best method to get audience enthusiasm and amusement.

Before you host the giveaways, share an engaging trailer about your new launch to grab audience eyeballs. After that, you can publish the giveaway stories with their details and prices. By revealing it, people will know about the giveaway price details before ending the contest.

Try With Limited Offers With DeadLine

Suppose you want to get instant responses from your audience. You can create giveaways with limited offers and deadlines. Reducing the time for giveaways encourages people to participate quickly to get the offer you provided.

Honor Your Business Anniversary

You can honor your business event, success, or business milestone by running the Instagram story giveaways. It is an effortless way to appreciate your followers and to drive a more focused audience.

Some of the figures you can celebrate it

  • Gaining more Instagram followers
  • More interaction received for a specific post
  • Your business anniversary
  • Rewarding the employee of the month
  • Selling more new products


We believe that these giveaways ideas will help you in growing your business. Don't forget to analyze your performance; frequently measure your giveaways results. Be constant; try to know more about your target audience and design giveaways to meet their expectation. It helps to gain more engagements and interaction among the audience.

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