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Interview with 5 Vape Juice Experts

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Getting the best vape juice deals is as simple as asking the right people the right questions. Since you don’t have the time to go around interviewing vape juice experts, we've found five different ones and interviewed them.

If you want to learn something about vape juice, it's always best to ask those who deal with it daily – so who better than five different vape juice experts that deal with five different things, all of which are related to vape juice?

Below, you'll find five short interviews we did with five different vape experts so that you can get all of the information on vape juice first hand. All of our interviewees asked to remain anonymous to protect their privacy.

A Vape Juice Shop Owner

We've asked a chain vape store owner a couple of questions we found most interesting and suitable.

Who buys vape juice?

“Many people purchase vape juice on the regular. Some you wouldn't even believe – all ages from eighteen and up, all social circles, and even some subcultures. There is the occasional member of the 420 nation, but the world of vaping has many different people.“

What's the best kind of vape juice?

“The best kind of vape juice is the one that you like most. While flavors might be all the range in media, many people opt for the taste of tobacco. I guess they're recovering smokers looking for something to mimic the kick they used to get from cigarettes.“

How much vape juice do people buy?

“People used to buy vape juice in bulk, but recently people opt for smaller amounts. That's probably to test the different flavors.“

A Craft Vape Expert

Craft vape juice is like craft beer – hand made, usually better quality, and with out-of-the-box flavors.

How do you make your vape juice?

“I won't tell you my top-secret recipe for vape juice, but I'll let you in on a little industry secret – the texture, feel, and taste of vape juice is mostly down to its base – that's why I use a special blend.“

What's steeping?

“Steeping vape juice is the process of aging. Some people think it makes the vape juice better – others don't. In reality, it's all about how you steep it.“

Does aging vape juice make it better?

“Suppose you're doing it correctly, most definitely. Steeping can bring out the best in vape juice, but so many people try to rush the process.”

A Vape Trick Champion

Vape tricks have been popular for almost as long as vaping itself – and a champion has a lot to say about vape juice.

What's the ideal vape juice for tricks?

“The best kind of vape juice for doing ticks is, without a doubt, a mix that has more VG than PG.“

Is there a difference between VG and PG vape juice?

“Yes. PG produces a much thinner smoke and isn't the best option if you're looking for vape tricks. On the other hand, VG can be too tricky to handle, but a blend with more VG than PG is ideal for doing vape tricks.“

What's your personal favorite?

“My favorite vape juice is any vape juice that tastes strongly of menthol. I adore the refreshing hit of menthol. I don't do tricks and smoke the same vape juice, though, so I might be a little biased on this topic.“

Vape Juice Factory Worker

Everyone wants to know what goes on behind closed doors, and that's why we've asked a vape juice factory worker for all the juicy details.

What are the conditions like in vape juice factories?

“When you enter the factory, you'd be surprised at how streamlined all the processes are. Everything is sterile, and everyone minds their own business. Making vape juice isn't easy, and that's why people in factories aren't nosy.”

Do you consume vape juice?

“Yes. When I started working at this vape juice factory, I slowly started falling in love with the stuff. My favorite is anything fruity.“

What can we expect in the future?

“That depends on a lot of things. There are many new laws and regulations put in place that directly affect vaping, so I really couldn't tell you the future of vape juice.“

Vape Juice Chemist

Vape juice chemists are responsible for all of the tastes, compositions, and flavors that go into making up vape juice.

How do you come up with new flavors?

“First, we do some ground research. After we've found what works, we devise ways to improve upon the recipe. We have a testing group of all kinds of vapers. If we get a green light from them on a new flavor, it enters the public.“

What does the average vape juice consist of?

“Vape juice is far simpler than many people think. It contains a base, flavoring agent, and at times, nicotine. We work with all-natural ingredients, but a lot of lower-end companies opt for cheaper, synthetic alternatives.“

What do you think about vape juice?

“I think vape juice is a fantastic thing – but you should purchase yours from reliable sellers. Many shady companies out there don't care about vaping – all they do care about is making a buck.“

That’s it. We hope you liked our short interviews. Stay safe and vape responsibly.

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