iOS Programming in 2022: Leading Trends for Businesses


The mobile app development industry is currently evolving at break-neck speed. Over the past year alone, approximately 25,000 new mobile applications were released through the App Store. Therefore, if you want to launch a digital product that will stand out among competitors and attract your audience, you should be aware of the latest iOS app development trends. 

Along with Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning widely used by users for years and still in high demand, there are other innovative technologies, which can help your app succeed on the market. Keep reading this article to figure out what iOS programming trends to use and how to create a successful application in 2022! 

Factors That Determine Your iOS App Success

The first thing to consider when developing a mobile app is undoubtedly its functionality. However, some factors may affect the application's success even more than these two aspects. Check out the user-centric and business-centric features to understand what to pay attention to while dealing with iOS programming.

Customer-Centric Features

  • Eye-catching design
  • Easy and quick access to the customer service
  • Well-considered UI & UX design
  • Stable and reliable workflow
  • Providing 100% data protection
  • Meeting user’s expectations and needs 

Business-Centric Features

  • Low cost of future development and maintenance
  • Quick and secure payments
  • Easy update procedure
  • Encouraging user retention 

Top 10 iOS Programming Trends

The market is full of mobile applications, each providing its unique problem-solving idea and efficient set of features. To stand out among the competitors in your niche, you have to create a highly-effective and scalable app with an impressive number of functions. Here's where the latest trends in iOS development will come in handy.

Get acquainted with the most popular and exciting iOS programming tendencies of 2022 to implement them into your digital product:

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Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) can help you to create a customer-engaging and robust mobile application. With these iOS programming trends, you can make the process of app development more efficient and less time-consuming. Besides, thanks to the predictions made through initiating machine training, you can enhance your customer experience.

Here's the list of areas where you can implement AI & ML technologies:

  • speech and face recognition
  • deep learning
  • searching for suggestions
  • text or picture categorization
  • Siri algorithms

Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things (IoT) enables easy access to diverse appliances and remote control over them through mobile apps. The number of devices connected to IoT is expected to reach 30.9 billion by 2025, meaning app developers will need to create digital products compatible with the new advanced technologies of IoT.

The Internet of Things is one of the trends that can be used in many industries, including logistics, healthcare, agriculture, and Smart City systems. The essence of this technology lies in collecting and analyzing data in order to improve various aspects of human life or business. 

AR/VR and 3D

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) is a technology that is widely used in up-to-date digital products. After the AR feature first came out in apps like Snapchat and Pokémon Go, app developers started to apply this technology in information searching, shopping, customer service, and other practical purposes.

Along with the popular AR/VR iPhone app trends, there are special 3D virtual reality extensions such as ARKit2, SceneKit, Reality Composer, and RealityKit, which enable you to easily create stunning 3D graphic designs and integrate the obtained virtual objects into the real world. Besides, the latest updates in AR/VR technologies allow using this trend on multiple devices, thus providing multi-user experience.

Wearable Apps

Wearable applications occupy a primary place among iOS app trends, as they are intended to make our everyday life easier and improve spheres such as healthcare, which is especially crucial during COVID-19. Wearable apps are implemented in many modern devices, including smartwatches, fitness bands, and trackers. At present, the market of wearable applications also comprises Smart Rings, devices that can serve as a car locking system or panic button.


SiriKit is another popular technology used to make the life of Apple users easier. This Apple’s AI assistant allows access to iPhone, Apple Watch, and other iOS devices using voice control. Integrate the SiriKit technology into your digital products to make them smarter and keep up with the up-to-date trends in app development.

iOS App Security

Apple devices are known for their reliability all over the world. iOS is almost impossible to hack, making this operating system safer than Android. In addition, iOS app security tools ensure more stable app work.

The latest iOS software is equipped with reliable security mechanisms, enabling it to keep the personal data of iOS users safely. To provide such strong data protection, Apple app developers incorporate AppTransportSecurity (ATS). So, if you aim to launch a secure application, you should apply this technology to your digital product.

Mobile Wallets

E-commerce is gradually replacing the traditional market, as it provides customers with more shopping opportunities. Traditional payment methods are currently less popular than mobile wallets; therefore, all progressive app developers apply Apple Pay in managing user payments.

Check out the strengths of mobile wallets to ensure that you should implement this technology in your digital product:

  • Apple Play allows making physical and virtual purchases on the go, wherever your location is.
  • Apple Play provides high security and reliability, as it doesn't store clients' card details.
  • Mobile wallets are available 24/7.
  • With mobile wallets, you can make purchases even if you forget your card at home.

Cloud Integrated iOS Apps

iCloud was first released in 2011, and since that time, no one Apple device has not been without this technology. The number of iCloud users is increasing yearly, which is why this service is considered another indispensable iOS programming trend.

iCloud technology implies secure transferring data from a user's device to the cloud to hide it from other iOS users. Many people use iCloud to improve their apps' performance, as this service helps to get free access to one's data on different Apple devices if they are connected to the same AppleID. 

Beacon Technology

iBeacon is an iOS programming technology that transmits Bluetooth signals between compact beacons, which, in turn, send signals to smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices. Bluetooth messages may contain text with a call to action, turning this technology into an excellent marketing strategy.

iBeacon is usually applied in malls, stadiums, events, and other places with crowds of people where it is relevant to send out selling proposals and promotions. As a result, this technology draws new customers' attention and increases sales. Thus, iBeacon is rightfully considered one of the most lucrative iOS trends in app development.

Swift 5

Swift is considered the leading iOS programming language, and its popularity is continually growing year by year. This coding language undoubtedly has tremendous capability to become even more essential in the future, thanks to its scalability and simplicity. 

Today's iOS market is comprised of thousands of mobile apps written in Swift. Thus, if you want your application to stand out among other products represented on the App Store, you should pay attention to this iOS programming trend.  


App development trends are improving year by year, thus affecting the overall mobile app market. If you take advantage of the current iOS programming trends, you have a significant chance to succeed in your industry and to draw more user attention to your business. Define the trends best suited for your particular purpose and hire developers to successfully implement these tendencies for your project.