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Know Everything About Investor Visa in Dubai

The Dubai government has implemented a new immigration opportunity for wealthy or highly proficient overseas; the long-term residence visa. The very common kind of long-term residence visa granted is the investor visa in Dubai, which needs the applicant to invest a substantial amount of capital to qualify in Dubai. If you are looking for the same then you need to get in touch with the Start Any Business UAE consultants who will guide you completely and also help you in getting an investor visa in a dedicated manner without any obstacle.

One of the very vital things that a corporate unit needs to stabilize itself is the funds. Without appropriate funding, no business can settle or have a robust foundation and it is where an investor comes into the image. An investor is one of the major players behind the settlement of a business unit who gives the business’s lifeline. The thought of globalization allowed business units the possibility to go beyond national boundaries and extend their units in other areas.

Today, Dubai, the land of gold, is considered a rapidly growing phase for business units regard to their expansion and establishment. The free zone organized by the country makes it a trade magnet that allures overseas business people to invest and establish a business in Dubai. If you are a businessman and looking for investment possibilities, then you rely on Dubai as your investment platform. Dubai gives to return the whole capital and earnings to overseas investors.

What is an Investor Visa in Dubai?

 An investor visa is a kind of visa that permits an overseas investor to enter, reside, interest in business activities, and exist in a country. This is a pass that allows the investors to carry out various business activities. international investment carries high hazard but at the same time give high returns. An investor visa is granted by the UAE Ministry for a period of three years and requires to be stamped by the UAE consulate.

The holder of an investor visa in Dubai becomes a tax domicile of the UAE and is not taxable by the nation of their nationality, although it is subject to the regulations of the home country of the investor. An investor visa holder is qualified to apply for an Emirate ID, bank account opening, obtain a driving license in Dubai, or the UAE, sign up for an Etisalat and hone packages, and several other necessary services.

Steps to Get an Investor Visa in Dubai 

  • File in Your Visa Application 

You can visit the nearest typing hub to obtain the application types for a visa without any errors or discrepancies. In addition, you can also apply for a partner if you have a minimum of 25% stake in the company. make sure that you carry all the necessary documents to the authorized typing center for the verification of identity. If the immigration department accepts your request, then you will receive your visa application by email.

  • The process with the Change Status Request 

Once you are done with applying for an investor visa in Dubai, you will have to process the change status process. Wait for sanction from the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs Dubai, and once you get the confirmation, go ahead with the change status process by visiting an authorized typing center. In order to save yourself from this trouble, consult with the best business setup consultants in Dubai who do all the hefty work for you.

  • Undergo the Mandatory Medical Examination 

You will be required to undergo a compulsory medical examination as part of the total procedure of getting an investor visa in Dubai. Although, to qualify for the medical evaluation you must have first complete medical typing. Once it is completed, you can visit the authorized medical hub according to your scheduled date and undergo the medical test conducted by the official. You will receive your medical test confirmation instantly, so you do not have to worry about it.

  • Emirates ID Typing 

You require a legal Emirates ID to make sure that you safely reside in Dubai. Hence, you have completed the health evaluation and medical typing, go ahead with the procedure of Emirates ID typing. Golden visa in Dubai – all should be associated with a legal emirates ID. You may also require to go for the verification of fingerprint-based on the type of your application and business needs.

  • Get You Investor Visa Stamped 

You have completed all the stages mentioned above, then you will have to get your visa stamped by the relevant authority. You can visit an authorized center to begin the visa stamping procedure. Once presented, you will receive an approval or rejection message by the Department of Immigration on your registered number. Moreover, you have to contact Zajel and communicate your airway bill number to make a plan for the collection and delivery of your original passport.

Types of Investor Visa in Dubai 

Every kind of investor visa in Dubai comes with many restrictions and advantages. You require to complete the eligibility criteria to get these visas. They include –

  • Investor visa for a 10-year Term 

To get an investor visa in Dubai, the investor must need an investment plan of a minimum of AED 10 million in the public sector. In addition, you can be a partner also in an existing entity in Dubai to apply for such a visa, provided that you have a minimum of AED 10 million stakes in the company.

  • Investor Visa for a 5-year Term 

If you invest heavily in real estate in Dubai, then you are qualifying to apply for such a visa in Dubai. Keep in mind that this investment must be around 5 million and this amount have not been loaned and the business people require to sustain their investment for three years. Moreover, business people who have existing projects with a minimum of about AED 500,000 can also purchase an investor visa in Dubai for five years duration.

The Cost of Getting an Investment Visa in Dubai

The investor cost in Dubai is an amalgamation of many payments that you have to pay during the procedure. This begins with the entry permit which costs about AED 1,050 to AED 1,100. Next, you have to settle the payment for the change status approach, and the charge is AED 580. In addition, the visa stamping cost is about AED 800. Note that you will have to pay separately for the purchase of an Immigration card, Emirates ID, and health evaluation.

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