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Managed WordPress Hosting - A Complete Guide In 2022

When looking for WordPress hosting plans, you may have realized that Managed WordPress hosting plans are significantly more expensive than shared hosting plans. Why is there such a difference in the pricing of the two hosting plans? What exactly is Managed WordPress hosting? This article will go over everything you need to know about Managed WordPress hosting.

About Managed WordPress Hosting

Managed WordPress hosting is a service in which the host handles all of WordPress's technical operations, such as speed, security, regular backups, scalability, upgrades, and so on. The managed WordPress environment provides the user with a comfortable and easy-going working environment. As a result, the user may focus solely on their task without having to worry about technical issues. Customer service is handled by experienced technical experts.

Features of Managed WordPress Hosting

Some of the important features of managed WordPress are:

Completely Managed

This is the most important aspect of the managed WordPress hosting. The user should not be concerned about any technological concerns when using this feature. The server will receive automatic updates. As a result, your website will always be entirely up to date.

Maintain Marketing

The host controls all of your website's marketing techniques, such as SEO and redirecting traffic to your website via social media and email. All activities are carried out from the same dashboard.

Offer Google Analytics

Google Analytics regularly evaluates the performance of website traffic. Yes, it is already Google Analytics! You may also incorporate your Google Analytics account into the Marketing dashboard to examine traffic patterns.

Increase the Site Speed

Because all of the servers use Solid State Drives (SSDs), the performance of your website is considerably superior to that of servers that use HDDs. To ensure the best use of available resources, managed WordPress hosting does not allow exceeding the user limit. As a result, the site's speed will always be faster with this type of hosting.

Benefits of Managed WordPress Hosting

Some of the most notable advantages of managed WordPress hosting are:


Because the servers are specifically configured for WordPress, they run at fantastic speeds and never go down, even when there is a high volume of traffic.


Backups are taken regularly to ensure that all data is saved. You can restore it at any time if you want to revert.

Automatic Updates

You do not need to update. It will automatically update.


The host manages all security controls. They have a very strong security layer that constantly monitors any malware or hacking attempts.

Dev Tools

To keep things running smoothly, you have development tools like version control and staging space.

Customer Care Service

The technical support team is extremely skilled and knowledgeable about WordPress. They can help you at any time if you are stuck or need support.

Drawbacks of Managed WordPress Hosting

Yes, there is also some downside of managed WordPress hosting. These includes:


This is the most noticeable disadvantage of this hosting. WordPress management is significantly more expensive than shared hosting. The basic managed WordPress package starts at roughly $27/mo, whilst the shared hosting plan starts at around $3.89/mo. However, if you are working on a large website concept, it is preferable to use managed WordPress rather than hire a system administrator.

Limited Control

Since the host manages all technological aspects, you have very little control over any modifications.


Because the server is specifically set up for WordPress, you can only run WordPress sites on it. You are not permitted to install any WordPress plugins of your choosing since managed WordPress hosting providers prohibit the installation of some plugins to ensure the speed of your site. However, for large websites, this should not be an issue.

When Do You Need Managed WordPress hosting?

If you wish to handle all of the technical concerns on your own and would like to gain skills gradually, unmanaged or shared hosting is the ideal alternative. All control in this type of hosting is at the server end. The user is ultimately in charge of all technical and design aspects of the website.

On the other hand, if you do not want to be involved with the technical aspects of the website and want to focus entirely on your business, managed WordPress hosting is the best option for you. It handles all of the tedious processes at the host end, allowing you to focus solely on your work.

Top 5 Managed WordPress Hosting Companies

The 5 top most companies for managed WordPress hosting are

WP Engine

It's a well-known name. It has a lot of features at a low price.

Liquid Web

If you need hosting for a large or enterprise-level company, Liquid Web is the best solution.


It includes all of the premium features of managed WordPress hosting as well as a free domain on a fast server.


It is a low-cost, high-performance managed service with excellent technical support for experienced personnel.


It is one of the most responsive managed WordPress hosting services. It provides a customized control panel, as well as free SSL and SSD storage.

Hosting Plans

  • WP Engine - $30/mo
  • Liquid Web -  $29/mo
  • Bluehost - $19.99/mo
  • Siteground - $7.99/mo
  • Dreamhost - $14.95/mo

Bottom lines

We've covered a lot of information in terms of managed WordPress hosting. So, how do you like the idea of managed WordPress hosting? Isn't it convenient and straightforward?

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