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Mass Email Marketing Basics

Mass email marketing involves sending emails to a large number of people. Often times, these emails are sent to people who have purchased something from you. This is known as post-purchase upselling. After someone makes a purchase, you can send them another email that offers them a discount or an upsell.

Link baiting

Link baiting is a powerful strategy to attract quality backlinks to your site. It works by creating a piece of content that a wide audience will find interesting and then leveraging that content to attract links at scale from quality publications. Ideally, the linkbait should be interesting enough to generate a reaction in readers and be newsworthy. It can also be controversial or hot-topical, but it must be executed in such a way that it makes sense to link to.

One of the best ways to create link bait is to run a contest. You can give away free tutorial videos, SEO software, or social media shares to the winners. In return, these participants will link to your site. This is one of the easiest ways to gain links and is also cost-effective.

Personalization tokens

Using personalization tokens in mass email marketing is a powerful way to make your emails stand out from the rest. Email services like Mailchimp and HubSpot offer a variety of tokens that are helpful in personalizing your emails. These tools have been proven to increase open rates by up to 26 percent.

Email personalization can be done by adding the recipient's name or the name of a company. Personalization tokens can also be used in the body content of the email. This will allow you to display different subject lines and content for different recipients. This type of personalization can help boost the open rate of your emails by boosting engagement.

Adding a reader's name is the easiest and most effective way to personalize an email. To do this, you can use a Lasso editor to add personal data to the subject line. Using the "First Name" token or the "Lasso editor" token will help you add these details to your emails. Using other tokens is only limited by your imagination.

Crafting your email to speak to a certain group of contacts

If you'd like to increase your open rate and get your email read, consider crafting your email to speak to a particular group of contacts. Start by including a bit of information that will catch their attention. You can include interesting facts about your industry, or an eyebrow-raising statistic. Adding some humor and context will also improve the chances that your email will be opened.

Avoiding clickbait

Avoiding clickbait in mass email marketing is important for a number of reasons. Clickbait headlines are designed to arouse curiosity among readers and increase the likelihood of a click. According to the information gap theory, curiosity is a significant driver of human behavior. 

Additionally, clickbait headlines tend to omit critical information.

Avoiding clickbait in mass email marketing starts with subject lines. Instead of using subject lines that are too long or too vague, try to give a hint about what the email will contain. This will make your email appear more trustworthy and avoid going to spam folders. Also, try using subheaders and preheaders that are complementary. Creating an enticing subheader or preheader is essential for driving subscriber action and creating a loyal audience.

Studies on clickbait show that the content can influence people's attitudes towards a brand. It can affect brand recall, brand awareness, and reputation.

Limitations of mass email marketing

Mass email marketing has several limitations. First, bulk messages are often too general, which makes them feel irrelevant to some recipients. The content of such emails also needs to be tailored to the individual needs of each recipient. Even small changes can make a difference. To avoid these limitations, ensure you have all the necessary information about your recipients.

Second, mass emails tend to have low conversion rates. Customers want personalized emails, not generic ones. Third, mass emails are often delivered to an unfiltered audience. However, many marketers are leveraging email automation to improve their conversion rates.

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Syandita Malakar
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