Monday, October 2, 2023
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We are JPA M&E Consultants, a Building Services Engineering Consultancy practice, operating out of the United Kingdom. Our team of highly experienced Building Services Engineers started this practice to give our Clientele a unique service. We operate closely with M&E Contractors and Developers to bring an overall package to the project. The service we provide is favorable to M&E Contractors and Clients alike, as we are responsive, self-managed and caring about our MEP Consultancy work.

Building Services Engineering Consultancy Services

The building services engineering department at JPA M&E Consultants is represented by keen, technical industry accredited engineers. We can be of assistance in any stage of the construction contract, and we can provide you with free advice on the building services design process. From Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Services, to Commissioning Management and Handover, the JPA team will be responsive at every step.

The JPA MEP Consultancy team comprises of a variety of professionally accredited Mechanical and Electrical Engineers, BIM Coordinators and Energy Consultants. Our team have worked together in solidarity for a number of years now, providing our clients with faster project turnarounds and detailed design services. We go above and beyond for our clients, ensuring that they are content with our performance as Building Services Engineers.

If you are looking for a complete design and build package in terms of MEP, please get in contact. We can provide this package and ensure that the MEP project is designed and installed in an efficient manner. Our team will also spend time on Value Engineering your projects, providing you with value for money design options. We have a history of saving Clients money, through efficient selections and value orientated MEP design decisions. Designing for off-site manufacturing is something we keep in mind for every project, whether commissioned to or not. This methodology of design shows its excellence in larger, repetitive projects such as Student Accommodations and Hotels. Small, repetitive decisions in these sectors can save hundreds of thousands.

Our MEP Consultant team self-manage both themselves, and the project. No longer will you need to request drawings packages, and be left disappointed in client meetings. We manage ourselves in meetings, sitting on your side of the table commercially, and we deliver in successful fashion.

With an array of templates at our disposable from a combination of 40 years in the Building Services Engineering industry, we can promise to turn projects around accurately, in a faster period than most.

Energy and Sustainability Consultancy

Internally, we have an array of Low Carbon Design Consultants, Environmental Advisors, Energy Efficiency Consultants. The engineers are all professionally accredited in their fields and are focused on providing low carbon solutions, energy savings and cost savings for every project. We internally review each project at the start, and throughout the design period to ensure the most value for money solution is achieved.

We have worked in a variety of sectors, providing energy consultancy services to various blue chip clients and MEP Contractors. Not only are we experienced in this manner, but we are dedicate to our roles. We will provide various simulations and feedback so that the options are clear.

In many case studies, we have saved our clients thousands per year in operating costs, through making simply design decisions early on.

We use IESVE to run our DESM Simulations and Energy Models. This software allows us to open up various possibilities and interrogate the model closely, with exact usage profiles input for accurate results.

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