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Moving to Denver From New York – Expert’s Advice

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New York is probably the most magical and popular city in America. The city is filled with stories of success, failure, friendship, love, heartbreak, and chaos. It has even been featured countless times in television and has been an integral part of many of the most popular shows and movies in history. But New York can often feel crowded and lonely at the same time because of its huge population and their fast-paced life. Life in New York might feel monotonous and tiring to a lot of people after a few years.

Denver is another city in America that has been called the second-best city to live in America according to media sources. It’s lifestyle, culture, nightlife, and activities are not very different from New York City. If you are planning to get out of New York, then you can get an expert’s guidance on moving to Denver from New York from us. Here’s an expert’s opinion about life in Denver:


The quality of life in Denver is a lot different in Denver compared to New York City. While most New Yorkers have to do multiple jobs just to get through, for Denverites, the balance between work and life is very important. They ensure that every bit of their free time is properly used. There are lots of parks and open spaces that people visit frequently. Almost no one in this state hibernates, so life in Denver can be very energetic and never tiring. 


Finding a place to live in Denver is a lot easier than renting a place in New York. Usually, you have to make a security deposit, pay the first month and last month’s rent if you’re renting an apartment, but most places in Denver don’t ask you for a lot of these things upfront. To attract more people, apartments in Denver keep the moving costs and application fees low. Buying a place is also considerably cheaper in Denver. Most important because of it’s weather you don’t need any high priced electric fireplace to keep you warm.


One of the key reasons why the quality of life is much better in Denver is because it is said to be more than 30% cheaper to live in Denver compared to New York. This makes life in Denver a lot easier and fun. 

Life in Denver

 Denver has a warmer climate compared to New York; the people are a lot more outgoing and extroverted. They love going to the outdoors as Denver is filled with fun outdoor activities and people have fun indoors too. The atmosphere is very relaxed, and the people are very down to earth. Even recreational use of marijuana was legalized in Denver a few years ago. 

Things that might take some time to get used to in Denver

Denver is called the mile-high city because of the city being situated high above sea level. That is why the oxygen levels in Denver are pretty scarce and might cause some breathing issues in the beginning. The transport system in Denver is also pretty underdeveloped, and the lifestyle might feel slow at times for some people.

Other than some minor shortcomings, moving from New York to Denver does not seem like a very bad idea as it is a thriving city that is young at heart. 

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