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NIF Portugal: so needed!

Obtaining NIF: how to do it

The very first document that must be received in Portugal is an individual tax number. It is also called NIF. 

NIF is one of the most important documents, and it must be obtained if you intend to stay in the country longer than a single entry visa  allows (usually, it is valid for a maximum of 120 days) or you plan to buy property in Portugal. Nowadays, it is even possible to get NIF Portugal online.

NIF is required to get all the documents you may need. Those are residence registration, obtaining a residence permit, etc. You will also need it to be able to open a bank account. So, let's learn more about this number.

Where can I get it?

The institution that issues these documents is called Autoridade Tributária e Aduaneira. Local residents and those engaged in businesses in Portugal  call this institution simpler - Finanças. If you need NIF, you need to go there. 

A guarantor: what is it?

If you want to obtain a NIF, you will need a local guarantor. This is a person who will come with you to the office to fill out  all the documents. This person will also provide his/her address. Pay attention: it must necessarily be a local citizen! Companies that help to get all the Portuguese documents ready will help you with it, so don't worry.

Why do I need a guarantor?

The guarantor will be responsible for doing several things: informing you of your obligations and receiving your correspondence. If you violate the law, this person may be held accountable.

Once people learn that a representative is needed, they often feel frustrated. Where do I  find such a person if I have just arrived in the country? Although it may seem pretty weird to you, locals find it completely normal, so every colleague on your new job or a neighbor, or a landlord, may become your guarantor. Trust us, finding such a person will not take longer than several weeks. 

If you are still uncertain that you will manage to cope with everything by yourself, we strongly recommend choosing a professional company that would help you to solve all your problems. Qualified professionals will help you save time, money, and effort.

Without a guarantor: is it possible?

The answer is negative, unfortunately: one cannot do it without a local guarantor. Speaking about the documents needed, here they are:

  • identity document (a passport);
  • document confirming the address of residence in the home country.

As for the document confirming your address of residence, it can generally be any official document with an address.

You can take any document you have, translate it, and provide it as proof of residence. You can also choose the simpler option: an ordinary invoice for communal services will do as well! Understandably, as long as your address and name are indicated there. 

I have a residence permit now: data updating is required

Few are those who, having arrived in Portugal, have an official place of residence. So, when applying for NIF, you will use the address of your guarantor to get all the correspondence. Understandably, it is not convenient at all. The good thing is that it can be changed once you get a residence permit. 

Once you get it, you can come to the office and change your official address. The presence of a guarantor is not required . This step may not seem important (especially if you are used to getting all the correspondence in an electronic form), but it is an absolute must-have in Portugal. All the vital documentation is normally sent by mail here, so be careful and perform all the steps thoroughly.

Syandita Malakar
Syandita Malakar
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