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Popular Facts About Chaga Mushroom Extracts

Chaga is a parasite that grows on cracks or damaged sections of birch trunks from the spores of the mulberry mushroom. Under the sun, the porous and uneven surface of the birch fungus turns coal-black, and inside it is usually a bright orange hue. It can also be found on other trees: ash, maple, alder, and mountain ash in the forests of Russia, Northern Europe and Asia (Korea and Japan), Canada, and the United States. But only birch mushrooms are considered useful. You can purchase these medicinal mushrooms in Australia.

Australian Chaga does contain many beneficial substances, one of which is melanin. A record amount of oxalates (salts of oxalic acid) was also found in chaga - more than in any living organism. It is a well-known fact that Vladimir Monomakh, who ruled Kievan Rus in the XII century, became a big fan of chaga after he was cured of lip cancer with a powder of birch growth. He drank a decoction of a birch mushroom every day and was ill extremely rarely, according to eyewitnesses.

Chaga composition and beneficial properties

The taste of chaga from Australia is much better than one would expect from its not attractive appearance. There are notes of vanilla and nuts in it, the drink has a delicate and strong aroma that many people really like. If it seems too earthy and bright, you can soften it a little by adding honey.

But sugar, milk, and lemon should not be added. It is also forbidden to use any kind of mushroom at the same time as alcoholic beverages. It is always better to consult a specialist in order to know how it will interact with other drugs. Medicinal mushrooms extract from Australia, chaga, contains almost the entire periodic table:

• a complex of B vitamins (useful for the nervous system, skin and nail health);
• vitamin D (read more about its benefits in the large material);
• vitamin C (enhances immunity, protects tissues and organs);
• amino acids (needed for the normal functioning of the hormonal and endocrine systems, muscle growth and metabolism);
• fiber (helps digestion, it is necessary for the development of the correct intestinal microflora);
• copper (helps to normalize metabolism);
• selenium (regulates the thyroid gland);
• sodium (salts maintain the water-salt balance in the body);
• magnesium (needed for normal muscle function, including the heart, helps to normalize blood pressure);
• calcium (regulates blood clotting, is necessary for bone growth and muscle function);
• retinol (responsible for eye health) etc.

Befungin is made from the extract of chaga, which is recommended by doctors for diseases of the stomach and intestines, to strengthen immunity after infectious diseases or operations, with anemia and asthenic conditions.

You can buy Chaga mushroom extract online, after carefully examining the product label. The higher the quality, the higher chaga price will be. Bear in mind that the name of the species must be indicated on the label, the same about the country of origin. Pay attention to the color. The darker color is the worse the mushroom was cleaned prior to grinding, and the darkened surface (sclerotia) can be toxic to humans.

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