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Reasons Why You May Want to Hire a PPC Agency

Pay-per-click sounds easy. You will only pay for ad placement whenever someone clicks on your ad. But you may need to consider how to make your audience click on your ads and how much to pay for these ads are things you may need to evaluate well. If you’re not an expert in paid search marketing, you could end up blowing your budget and not targeting your audience. For these, you need the help of a PPC agency.

Help With Thorough Keyword Analysis

Digital Authority Partners said that a PPC agency could give businesses the edge regarding paid ads marketing. With a PPC agency to manage your paid ads, you can quickly build your brand and reach your local or international audience. And successful PPC management always starts with a thorough PPC keyword analysis.

A PPC firm will analyze keywords by brainstorming ideas, checking how your clients search for your business and considering your competitors. Once they see a trend, they will create a keyword list and expand this list as they learn more about your industry or market.

They will use keyword search tools such as Google Keyword Planner to refine their keyword list and, finally, group keywords to create ad groups. An ad group has ads with similar target markets. Each paid ad campaign has more than one ad group. Grouping ads help markers be more organized with their campaigns.

For instance, a PPC ad for a flower delivery service may have separate ad groups for flowers for different occasions or different kinds of flowers.

Keyword research does not start and end during the planning stage. A PPC agency will research the best keywords during the implementation process to ensure that your ads effectively target your market.

Improve Channel Targeting

There are many channels for PPC online. Channels refer to how paid ads present to users. These channels could be search engines (Google AdWords, Bing, or Yahoo ads), social media (Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn), video sites (YouTube), and websites.

A PPC agency will match your business and paid ads goals to the proper channels. These experts know the ideal channel depending on your business type, as plans vary depending on your industry or market. Experts will also use your marketing budget to find the right channel as some offer lower, more affordable fees than others.

A business that belongs to a competitive market, such as gaming and tech, would benefit from paid ads run on Google AdWords. However, running ads on Bing and Yahoo may be more affordable than Google and improve traffic, brand presence, and conversion.

Meanwhile, if your business is in a small industry, you will only be wasting money as you run an extensive paid ads campaign using Google AdWords. Instead, it would be best to start using social media channels like Facebook PPC in your local market. You'll save money, and you'll be able to connect with your target market easily.

A PPC agency will help you establish your paid ads goals to enhance your channel targeting. Afterward, they will consider the advantages and disadvantages of the different paid ad channels and select the best one that matches your needs.

Conduct Competitive Analysis

An efficient PPC agency will also focus on your competitors. They will conduct a competitive analysis of your competitor's website to develop strategies to improve your paid ad campaigns. By learning who your competitors are and how they operate, you will be able to overtake them on SERPs.

Studying your competition will help you identify their strengths and their weakness. This study also allows you to check the latest paid ads trends to position your products, services and offers according to your industry's standards.

PPC firms perform competitor research by studying their competitors' ad copy, landing pages, and keywords. They check for desktop and mobile site optimization as more people use their mobile devices to search for businesses. Finally, they focus on critical stats, including SERP rankings, cost-per-click, search volume, and more.

Monitor Your PPC Campaigns

With a professional PPC agency, you can assure that your campaigns will be effective and cost-efficient. One of the best things about hiring an expert team is they can monitor your campaign's progress and make necessary changes along the way.

PPC agencies closely monitor the CTR of a paid ad campaign. The CTR is the click-through rate; a high CTR score means that your audience was able to find your paid ads helpful, relevant, and engaging.

Your PPC team will also check your paid ads' Quality Score, which indicates how well your ads and landing pages performed. A high Quality Score means you have good rankings, low cost-per-click, and higher ROI. In addition, the more people click on your ads, the less you pay for a channel to host them.

Another metric to closely monitor is the Search Impression Share which is the number of times your PPC ad could have reached your audience versus the actual times showing the ad on a channel. Low Search Impression Shares can negatively impact your paid ads campaigns.

Your paid ad campaign Bounce Rate will indicate specific areas that you must improve. Bounce Rate is the number of users who checked your site but did not heed your CTA or call to action. A high Bounce Rate means your paid ad campaign fails to target your specific audience. As a result, this indicates that many visitors are not interested in your products, services, or offers.

And if your PPC campaigns are not doing good, a PPC firm will proceed with ways to improve your strategies.

  • Improve location targeting by ensuring that your ads are accurate and very specific.
  • Enhance your ad copies by considering what your buyer searches for and their needs.
  • Update your CTA to engage your audience immediately.
  • Change your thumbnail images. Make this more colorful, more appealing, and more relatable.
  • Improve your keywords bidding. Raise bids on search terms with heightened Quality Scores.
  • Consider A/B testing. Prepare two versions of an ad to see which one performs better.
  • Allocate more budget to high-performing ad groups.

Final Words

A PPC agency can help you create better and more cost-efficient paid ads that promote your brand and improve your reach. With expert help, you can adequately study your competition, research the best keywords, and monitor your campaign's progress. With a good PPC firm, you'll be getting the best results and save money in the long run.

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