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Shoot Up your Promotion as a Dedicated Partner Site

Shoot Up your Promotion as a Dedicated Partner Site

The Internet is one of the widest sensations among people of every age group to enhance knowledge and getting updates. Nowadays, every bit of information is present on the Internet that includes knowledge, analysis, case studies, instructions, rules, news, facts, intelligence, and other additional data. Information is needed to perform any task of any field like education, medical, household, entertainment, or be it anything. If we take a look at the internet, it has countless websites which consist of particular information about a particular thing, and can be found on the worldwide web. Websites can be used in various fashions: a personal website, a corporate website for a company, a government website, an organization website, etc.

Nowadays, websites or sites play a vital role in terms of business and promotion. Along with offline, a business person is putting equal effort to promote their business online and getting responses on a higher scale. Being the second-largest population in the world India is huge potential when it comes to internet marketing or online promotions. Now, one of the main sources of promotion is a dedicated partner site. In a nutshell, you are promoting other websites while promoting your own, it is all about a dedicated partner site.

Day by day, the concept of a dedicated partner site is getting wider and wider. In this, you get one more internal page where your link partner gets the benefit of your page rank. This kind of promotion is being mostly taken by those websites which have been searched by a larger group of people or by some informative sites & Advertisement sites. This is also called internal link promotion. The motivation behind this concept is that good internal linking maximizes page rank within a site. Through good internal linking, you as a Webmaster can achieve a stable page rank and not threaten it by too many external links.

Types of Dedicated Partner Site

There is no dictionary concept for a dedicated partner site, it can be described and elaborated in many ways depending on one’s perception, and so on its type. Here is some important types of dedicated partner site can be defined i.e. by how many ways dedicated partner site can promote link partner-

  • Name with Logo – The main link includes the name and logo of the link partner site.  Including your partner’s full name in addition to their logo is a nice touch if the layout or size of the logos makes them hard to read.
  • Relationship Description – Including a short synopsis of the relationship and how they support you or are involved in helping you work toward your mission. 
  • Link Externally to Their Website – Link the logo and/or name to an appropriate place on their website. Not only is this a good practice for relationship building, but it can also factor into your link-building efforts for search engine optimization if the partner or funder reciprocates in a meaningful way.
  • Internal Link – If a partnership is closely tied to a specific program, take the opportunity to link to it here and drive traffic to other parts of your site. If someone landed on this page through a search for your partner (and not you), now you have a chance to convert someone new into a supporter.
  • Quote the Leadership – Quoting your partner’s website together with yours could prove to be a great promotion for your link partner. Ask for a short quote you can use on your website as a way to showcase the relationship and its impact. As we talk about in our content rules, sometimes it’s best to let others do the talking.

There are few sites engaged in link dedicated partners are –

  • Invest India – linked partners are big companies like Airport Authority of India, Apex-Brasil, American Chamber of Commerce, etc
  • SAIF Partners
  • Gadget 360 – link partner are the top online shopping sites like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, etc

There are few newly launched sites as well who are assisting small companies by making them dedicated partner sites like sortteraffiliates.com.