SIR app: The Business Suite that Fits into your Pocket!


Concept of the app

How much time do you spend on manual data entry tasks? Things like managing your inventory by taking note of changing stock levels and creating receipts and invoices for your clients. 

Creating manual purchase orders, receipts and estimates also take up a lot of time that you could be spending on your core business functions. 

If that describes you, then, SIR (Stocks, Invoices, Receipts) app has your business’ name written all over it. Manage your inventory, invoicing, and more from the simple convenience of an all-inclusive app built to take your business to the next level

All-in-One Business Suite

Available on the Apple App store, and recently launched on Google Play store, here’s how SIR can speed up your business processes:  

  • Invoice maker: No more struggling with sketchy Excel spreadsheets and word documents. Simply create a professional invoice in seconds and fill it up with your financial data. 
  • Stock tracking: Inventory management has gotten easier than ever before, as SIR enables you to automatically track your stock levels. 
  • Receipt creator: Do you need professional receipts for your clients? The app offers simple receipt templates as well to speed up the process.
  • Invoice read: There’s always a moment of uncertainty between sending an invoice and its payment. SIR alleviates that uncertainty with its invoice read feature that lets you know if your client has viewed your invoice. 
  • Online Payments: Get paid faster by accepting online payments through debit cards, credit cards or PayPal. Send invoices with payment links. SIR is integrated with Stripe & PayPal.
  • Invoice reminder: In case invoice payments are delayed, you can send the in-built appealing invoice due date reminder to politely nudge your clients to pay up. 
  • Estimate generator: SIR’s professional estimate generator enables you to impress and convert your leads. 
  • Purchase order maker: Create quick purchase orders for your suppliers or vendors to speed up your supply chain. 
  • Payment voucher generator: Whenever you pay a supplier, simply create a payment voucher. This feature includes provisions for a supplier signature, so you can have proof of payment.

How to Use SIR 

SIR offers a free trial package enabling your business to create three of each of these documents described above i.e. 3 estimates, 3 invoices, 3 receipts, etc. You can upgrade to a monthly plan for $3.99 (3-day trial) or save big with the annual package priced at $35.99 (7-day trial), which breaks down to less than $3 a month. Add an additional user to your account for $3.99 or an additional company for $11.99 one time payment.

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Where SIR stands tall above the rest

So what’s unique about SIR? 

SIR has one crucial and really helpful feature that many others of its kind do not: automated stock tracking! This really cool functionality allows you to track your stock levels online, and make updates on the go. 

Additionally, SIR goes the extra mile to offer business owners other important financial features such as payment vouchers, purchase orders, credit notes, debit notes and estimate generators. Plus, its trial feature truly free and doesn’t require a credit card like others. 

All these make SIR the perfect virtual assistant for your business!   


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