The importance of interior design for a successful restaurant


It’s been just over a year since Boris Johnson first told diners to stay home and avoid bars, cafés, and restaurants. Now, with a roadmap out of the third lockdown in place, hospitality venues are cautiously making outdoor dining provisions for 12 April and plans for serving indoor guests on 17th May.  

While restaurateurs will be busy making up fresh menus and sourcing the finest ingredients to serve to their first customers, there is another way to freshen things up. A redesign of the restaurant can be the perfect way to re-launch and have a fresh start.  

But if you’re a restaurant owner planning on revamping your eatery, you may be wondering where to begin. Here are some ideas to help.  

Why interior design is important 

According to a 2014 study, when the customer feels that the design – along with the colour, lighting, and music – reflects the quality of the of the restaurant, their satisfaction levels increase.  

As well as helping to enhance customer satisfaction, taking the time to reconsider the design of the restaurant can be good for business. By creating a space that makes diners feel comfortable, you are likely to see repeat visits. People like to return to eateries that offer an atmosphere they can relax in.  

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A specific design theme can also be a massive draw. This can enhance customers’ moods and make them enjoy the overall dining experience.  

How to design your restaurant   

If you want to redesign your restaurant, here are some ways to get started.  

First, think about the colour scheme. Choose colours that reflect positivity and create a pleasant space. Yellows and reds are vibrant, cheerful, and are well suited to dining spaces.  

Also, consider the décor. If you opt for a theme, you can easily build your furniture and wall art around it. For instance, you may want to create a regal design, filled with gold-coloured embellishments, or you might want to fill the space with pastel tones and matching seating.  

Lighting is also important. The spotlight needs to be on the food, however if you’re revamping the design, use lighting t pick out the areas that you want to showcase.  

When you bring these three things together, you want to make sure that your new design has an identifiable style. Your restaurant should reflect the food you serve and the experience you want to create. When this is established, you can consider the finer details, from the type of wood used for the doors to the toilet roll dispensers.  

Whether you’re redesigning your restaurant in full or you’re focussing on key updates, it will be worth the effort.