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The most interesting and unusual pools in the world

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The history of the creation of the pool dates back to ancient Greece. The local sages considered swimming to be as necessary and beneficial as the ability to read. And they devoted a lot of time and money to water procedures. If to travel back to the times of the Romans and Gaius Cilius the Maecenas, it is possible to find out that he created the first Jacuzzi style pool on the planet (it was about 1 year BC). Therefore, it is not surprising that in the modern world, relaxing by the pool is such a favorite pastime among most people in the hot seasons.

Every year designers try to come up with something extraordinary and surpass everything that was created earlier. Some of them even got into the Guinness Book of Records with their creatures. But you can arrange your own piece of paradise without leaving home, by building a pool in the yard. And in order to provide even more comfort during your summer vacation, you can install one or more outdoor showers, depending on the size of the yard. It is no longer difficult to buy outdoor showeR now, you just have to compare the models existing on the market and choose the best option for yourself.

So, what are the most interesting and unusual pools in the world?

There are at least five pools that got to the World Book of Records and became the most popular tourist spots. They are:

1. Pool on the roof of Marina Bay Sands Resort in Singapore

Singapore designers decided to build such a swimming pool that the ancient Greeks never dreamed of. It is located on the roof of a popular hotel, 200 meters above the ground. The water in the pool overflows the edge of the skyscraper, but does not fall onto the ground. It goes through a special water collector with a filter and gets back into the pool. Are you afraid of heights? Then you should better not swim there.

2. Suspended Glass-bottomed pool in Hong Kong

Another very high-leveled and rather extreme pool was built in Hong Kong. It is named suspended for its location. The pool is on the 29th floor of the hotel, a glass balcony with water literally hangs over the city.

3. Devil’s Pool at the edge of Victoria Falls

One of the most extreme pools created by nature is the Devil's Pool. It is located at the edge of Victoria Falls. A small area surrounded by a cliff invariably attracts tourists from all over the world. However, according to statistics, bathing in it annually takes the life of 1 lover of a risky vacation.

4. Pool in Chile

The pool, known as the largest in the world, is located in San Alfonso del Mar, a resort outside of Santiago, Chile, just 200 meters from the Pacific Ocean. More than a kilometer in length and up to thirty-five meters in depth, it is filled with ocean water after filtration. From above, the pool looks like a natural blue lagoon. Another plus is that the water in this pool is always warm.

5. Pool in Belgium

The deepest pool in the world was built in Belgium. The swimming complex consists of several platforms, artificial caves and a 35-meter deep well. Diving 33 Center Nemo was created to teach scuba diving. 

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