The dense jungles of India have simplified witnessing the beast in its natural environment. India is endowed with many such jungles. The lockdown had streamlined options for people to visit. But the clearing up of a few of these forests proved instrumental and facilitated nature enthusiasts to reconnect with their settings. Tiger safaris are a delight and excluded from the hustle and bustle of commercial spots. Ranthambore tour packages have massively facilitated the process.

People who are at one with nature can come here and revel in the tranquility of jungles. These forests possess a lofty serenity that grants people the opportunity to spot many wild animals who are otherwise not frequently seen. Ranthambore tour packages have been around for a couple of years now and attract plenty of tourism. Wildlife aficionados and photography buffs seek sanctuary here. They can candidly witness the phenomena amongst wild animals and their tendencies. These places are often magical.


Booking a safari is not an intricate task. Deciding which jungles to visit might be tedious. We have many jungles with a recurrent sighting of tigers. Such as Pench, Tadoba, Ranthambore, Bandhavgarh, Kanha National Park and so on.

1) Accurately, picking the right jungle is the initial step. People can witness a diversity of birds, animals, and greenery in these areas. Some areas are again known for elephant safaris that present an up-close look at the tigers.

2) Once they decide the location, getting in touch with online portals or the hotel they are staying in can cooperate with safari bookings.



The sheer bliss of witnessing flora and fauna is an experience of a lifetime. They are sprawling with rare animals and offer magnificent views. It is likewise a great alternative to breakaway from mundane routines.

Observing animals in their abode is magnificent. The tiger is the king of the jungle and the most supreme animal one can dream of watching. These safaris often give people unforgettable experiences. They may glimpse it hunting or just prancing around. It is likewise important to remember that spotting these animals is incredibly difficult. So, if one of the safaris has discerned a sighting, it is truly fortunate.


They encumber the safari by a six seater Jeep. You can also opt for shared safaris, which are cheaper. The tour commences with the operator taking people around the jungle for around 3-4 hours. In this span, they are prudent and emphasize people to be as quiet as possible.

Loud sounds may frighten animals and inhibit them from coming outside. Hence, being stealth is advisable. The safaris begin from 6.30am and continue on till 5.30pm last. Depending on one’s comfort, they must choose an apt time. They allot each car with a proficient guide who is well-acquainted with the different zones of the jungle and can determine the hotspots for finding animals.


 Pench, Raiyakassa, Pench


1) Refrain from travelling with children on a safari since they may unintentionally make noises that can scare the animals away. Also, there is a fear of kids getting spooked at the sight of animals. Bring along a hand sanitizer and keep using it sporadically.

2) Remember to wear abundant sunscreen as it can get scorching hot. Do not forget to carry a bottle of water because safaris are long. Bring a pair of sunglasses too.

3) Avoid bringing any plastic based container or bottles into the safari. If you do, bring them back with you and do not litter the jungle.

4) Jungles are a non smoking zone and one must be exceedingly cautious to remember it.

5) Watch out for any wild animals and incase of an encounter, stay still and abstain from making any noises or gestures. Unduly startling an animal might invite attacks.

6) Avoid wearing any flashy colours because this might provoke animals.

7) One must steer clear of stepping outside the car under any events. It is extremely perilous, because the movement of animals is unforeseen.

8) Never flash a light in the jungle.

9) Do not feed animals as it may prove catastrophic.


To conclude, tiger safaris are a wonderful way to recuperate and reconnect with nature. They formulate short but well-spent holidays. Sometimes people may not end up seeing a tiger. But do not let it disappoint you, because woods offer a myriad of other animals and birds. India constitutes 80% of the world’s total population of tigers. Spotting a tiger requires ample patience and is an immersive experience.

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