Tips for designing an ultra-modern bedroom


Minimalist furniture, comfy bed, statement fixtures and accessories, understated rug, and calm and soothing wall colours are the key elements of an ultra-modern bedroom. We understand that it is tricky and confusing to know where to start when designing a bedroom. Want a jump start? Go for flooring first. 

Choose timber flooring for your bedroom.

Before choosing a material for your flooring, decide how you want to layout your bedroom furniture. Do you want a sleek and minimalist look or, do you want warm modern rustic décor? Once the layout is ready, you can go ahead and lock the flooring option that goes well with the rest of the room. No matter what kind of interior décor you choose, timber is always going to be the most versatile option for your bedroom flooring. 

There are multiple styles of flooring that you can choose. For instance, parquetry flooring will bring a lot of sophistication and the right amount of class to your bedroom. Even though the parquetry pattern is not very contemporary, you can pair it with modern furniture and get a perfect balance of the old and the new for your restful oasis. 

Choose calming paint colours for your bedroom walls.

Wall colours can make or break the vibe for any room. Therefore, choosing a colour scheme that reflects your personality is very important. Colour your way to a restful night’s sleep with interior paint that promotes relaxation and serenity. To create the illusion of more space, go for white, beige, or light brown colours. If you’re in love with the shades of blue, then go for pale blue or powder blue colour. A soft neutral palette will give your bedroom a refreshingly modern look.  

Go for comfortable bedding.

Modern bedrooms are all about personalizing the space and making it as comfy as one desires. So, we recommend you choose a bed frame that is sturdy and durable (preferably a wooden frame). Bed frames with headboard storage niches are also a great option if space is limited for bedside tables. Save up your budget for bed mattresses as well. Choosing a mattress that is ergonomic and comfortable is very important.

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Pick statement lightings and artwork.

While other elements like flooring and bedding create your bedroom, it is the lighting and artwork that uplifts your peaceful heaven. To give your bedroom a chic and modern look, consider hanging pendant light over the bedside unit. The contemporary chandeliers are real showstoppers! You can also hang beautiful abstract artwork on the wall above your bed. Adorning your space with creative pieces and artwork will offer the effortlessly modern vibe you desire. 

Consider incorporating storage units. 

You might be thinking that bulky storage units will take up your space and cramp up your room. Well, don't be worried. There are many modern, space-saving and, aesthetically pleasing storage units available in the market. Pick the ones that go with your overall décor and interior scheme. Having storage units like a media console, wall table, wardrobe, or dressing table will de-clutter your space, making it look cleaner and tidier.