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Tips on How to Download High Quality Instagram Photos (Tricky Ways Included)

Insta has long been more than just a social network with pretty pictures; but also an excellent opportunity to improve your business growth. Of course, no one has forbidden sharing cute pictures to inspire others, but now these pictures can bring you money and make your brand recognizable. 

It is a place where you may freely use all your profile high picture opportunities to build a successful sales funnel and generate leads in just a short time. People adore visuals and are more likely to pay attention to a high quality image than to read the important information below a post. IG images are not a waste of time but one of the keys for creating viral content, which will benefit you as your brand starts to have prosperity times. Even the Forbes article has pointed out the importance of high quality pictures on your profile to boost your brand recognition.

So, that's why we see such a variety of high quality photos today because a good picture sells your product, and it works! But if you look from the other side — from the side of the content recipient rather than the content creator — how do you download high quality Instagram photos to your treasure box (so-called album) on your phone or computer desktop? How do you not lose your primary source of inspiration or motivation? Unfortunately, Instagram doesn't include such a feature as "saving content to any device", and the lack of such an option is quite logical. 

Okay, you can't upload images via the Insta platform itself, but all is not lost! There are now great ways to download high quality Instagram photos to any gadget quickly and handily. Before we find out how to get images using an online Instagram picture downloader, app, or other content uploading methods, let's define exactly why we need to upload content?

Three valid reasons to save IG content

  1. Your stored “heart of inspiration”

With so many images, you just can't keep up with the constant updates, and the "saved" folder on Insta is not available offline. So consider downloading a photo that will inspire you every time you open it in your device folder, even without going to IG. You can live without the platform to be inspired!

  1. Your saved “treasure” with 24/7 offline access

You don't have to go to Insta every time to browse your saved mountain photo that inspires you to travel, or the picture of a perfect figure that motivates you not to miss a workout, or any other image — save it to your favorite device and enjoy it anywhere you like, skipping logging to IG.

  1. Your saved “ideas box” for further content creating

The images you like are another reason to keep them so that you don't run out of ideas in the future. Thus, you always have a content plan for your IG post if you're going through bad times and can't come up with something yourself. It's not a great idea to take a photo in the same way, but catching the meaning and taking the picture with its further editing in your own way is already praiseworthy! 

Important: you are free to download high quality Instagram photos to upload them to another social network and share them with your audience. Don't forget to tag a real author of an image or account from which the picture was saved. It's simple respect for copyright law.

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Pro methods of high quality Instagram photos downloading (alternative ones included)

Download with third-party tools: to PC

Today, there are a variety of savers that can be installed to a device and those that are designed to operate online only. Of course, installation apps (4K Stogram, Save-o-gram) offer more features, including multiple downloads in a paid version. Still, if you're not going to save numerous photos every day, you may use online tools (iGram, DownloadGram, Instagram photo downloader, GramSave). It is probably the most traditional way to download high quality pictures quickly and free of charge. 

ProTip: such toolkits download content via a photo link inserting. You need to copy an image address, upload an online tool, paste the link into the tool’s insertion window and click download. The idea of images uploading via installation apps is pretty the same: photo link or username (in case of downloading photos of a specific account) insertion.

Download with third-party tools: to Phones

Among phone apps, there are Reposter for Instagram, Regrammer for iPhones and Photo & video downloader for Instagram, InsTake Downloader, Regrann, Quick Save, etc. for Android, that should be installed to a phone. Such apps allow not only image/video saving but a content reposting. In general, they are more multifunctional than online savers.

Download via URL copying

You are free to download high quality Instagram photos without using any additional tool, just your phone "Notes" option:

  • copy a photo link on IG (pressing the "dotted line" to the right side of the photo);
  • load a phone browser > insert the link into a browser search field > hit "Go";
  • press and hold the image in a new window > copy it;
  • go to "Notes" on your phone > tap and hold the screen > hit paste;
  • pick out an up arrow (a "Share" button) > press "Save image".

Download via screenshot making

It is one of the outdated and most commonly used options for downloading photos but don't expect good quality/resolution. So it's not an option if you're going to share it on other networks.

To make a screenshot use a "Snipping Tool" (for PC), Shift + Command + 4 (Mac), Pressing the Home and right buttons at the same time (iPhone), Pressing the Power and Volume down buttons at the same time (Android). Then, crop what you don't need and save a screenshot in a folder or gallery.

Over to you: please, be cautious

Using old and tried-and-true tricks is always a great option to save a photo successfully, but sometimes you need to use third-party tools to keep a high quality photo. But not all of them are safe, as they can contain malicious links and take you to unsafe sites. So be careful when picking out an app or online tool to download. And of course, don't forget to ask the author for permission to upload his or her photo; when you publish it, make sure you tag the creator.

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