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Top 10 CBAP Certification Myths & Common Questions

CBAP certification is the most sought-after designation among Business Analysts worldwide.

While interacting with BA professionals, we have encountered many misconceptions about CBAP certification exams. 


  • I cannot appear for CBAP as I took a career break.

The CBAP examination doesn't care about your career breaks. If you have clocked at least 7500 hours of business analysis experience within the past ten years, you are an eligible candidate.

  • To prepare for CBAP, I will need my official business analyst designation

One of the most common CBAP certification myths- "I'm not called a Business Analyst in my company. Can I still pursue CBAP?"

You can apply for CBAP even if you have been designated as a systems analyst, project manager, domain SME, or implementation consultant.

  • I need to by-heart BABoK.

You don't have to know BABoK by heart. You only need to know its concepts, the flow of business analysis work, the techniques, and how they relate to each other.

  • If my application is denied, I will be charged a fee.

After IIBA approves your application, it will not be processed. So there is no way to lose money by applying for the exam.

  • CBAP is not an option for me as I'm currently unemployed.

IIBA does not expect that you must be employed to become a CBAP. A CBAP certification can help you get back into a BA position.

  • To apply for CBAP, I will need an experience letter from my employer.

IIBA does not expect that an employer would send a letter of experience. You should make sure that you keep in touch with past clients and project managers who could serve as references for your BA experience.

  • To be eligible for CBAP, I will need to pass lower-level certifications

To qualify for CBAP, one does not need to pass ECBA or CCBA exams. If you meet the conditions and criteria set forth by IIBA, you can take the CBAP exam directly.

  • CBAP is easy because I have over 15 years of experience as a BA.

Another myth is that someone with 15-20 years of experience can easily pass the CBAP. One's personal BA experience does not help to clear CBAP, and you will need to have a good understanding of BABoK and the exam patterns.

  • To pass CBAP, you must have a basic knowledge of the software.

Software knowledge in BABoK can be found in RAD KA. If one puts in about 20-21 hours, one can learn basic software modeling concepts by going through this part of BABoK.

  • To be eligible for CBAP, I must be a graduate.

CBAP does not require that you have any educational qualifications.


  • What do you think of the CBAP certification as a business analyst? Do you think it is a waste?

We have had the pleasure of working with more than 200 CBAP professionals. We have seen their transformations, including transitions to global opportunities and better salaries.

  • CBAP Certified Professionals Earn 16% More
  • Certification holders receive at least an 11% increase in their salary than the average overall salary.
  • Expected salary increases are between 15-20%
  • How can I prepare for and enroll in CBAP certification

After you have decided to pursue CBAP certification, it is essential to review the eligibility criteria provided by IIBA.

Second, you should receive proper training from a qualified BA trainer. Moreover, a BA coaching program under an EEP (Endorsed Educational Provider) will give you the Professional Development Units (PDUs) needed to meet the requirements for the various certifications.

  • What is the best certification for business analysts, PMI-PBA/CBAP?

CBAP is the best choice for business analysts, considering acceptance rate and popularity.

Coming to numbers -

* IIBA has 9000+ CBAP-certified professionals as of February 2018.

* PMI reports 2020 PMI PBA certified professionals as of 31 December 2017.

Here is a detailed analysis of the comparison between PMI PBA (and CBAP) -

  • How many hours are required to clear CBAP

It takes approximately 150 to 200 hours of study to prepare for CBAP V3 and become certified.

  • Is it worth signing up for an IIBA membership?

Suppose you are a BA and have a serious interest in pursuing and improving your career as a BA. Then definitely yes.

Membership includes access to a whole host of exclusive resources, including books, white papers, articles, and webinars.

  • How can IIBA confirm that I worked 7500 hours to earn the CBAP certification?

The IIBA checks work experience through an application filing and approval process by reviewing the project details and other references submitted.

Any discrepancies could result in you being barred from the exam or the revocation of your certificate later.

  • Can the CBAP certification be valid for business analysts who work in Agile methodologies?

BABoK V3's new curriculum includes an important agile methodology component in its CBAP certification curriculum.

Hence, it is always worthwhile to obtain certifications such as CBAP for professional growth and increased compensation.

  • How complex is CBAP certification?

The exam is quite complex and requires a deep understanding of concepts to pass. Most of the answers are close and confusing but completely align with BABoK.

  • How can I be sure that I'm prepared for the exam?

After you have completed BABoK 2 to 3 times, you can now verify your understanding by practicing sample questions. Start with chapter-based questions and KA/chapter questions from the CBAP Question Bank. After you have scored 80/85%, move on to the exam simulator.

  • What is the CBAP pass percentage?

Although the pass percentage for CBAP is not disclosed, you will be safe if you use a high-quality simulation and set 80-85% as your target.

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