Top 3 Unusual Places to Travel


Holidays are the best time to spend your free time as you want. You can watch your favorite movies, play at the casino online free, or visit an amusement park. But what if you want to do something unusual. In this case, you can go traveling. And these places you should visit first. 

Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

The Salar de Uyuni is a huge prehistoric lake located in the southwestern part of Bolivia. Yet, this place looks like a real lake only from November to March, when the rains cause the salt cells to be covered by a thin layer of water that constantly glistens in the sun. During these hours, the Salar de Uyuni is like a giant mirror reflecting the boundless heavens. This makes the border between the two worlds almost indistinguishable. The thick Bolivian clouds suddenly appear right under your feet. And the surrounding landscapes lose all connection with reality. This is why Salar de Uyuni is often referred to as the place frozen between heaven and earth. After all, no language in the world has enough words to convey all the enchanting beauty of this place.

In the absence of rains, the salt marsh turns into a huge desert covered with white salt instead of yellow sand. And in places where the drying water still manages to break through the thin salt crust upwards, small cone-shaped volcanoes form, like playing pieces, in the correct order arranged on a huge chessboard.

Lake Bled, Slovenia

The magic Lake Bled is surrounded by Julian Alps and is covered with hundreds of legends related to the ancient history of local castles. You will not see here the usual throngs of tourists. And the local air, imbued with the magic smell of the mountains, is still full of ringing silence. And it is this amazing atmosphere of solitude, coupled with the magical beauty of local landscapes and makes this region a truly magical and unusual place to travel.

Yet, Lake Bled is a place that can not be called boring. In addition to the many first-class hotels in this region has dozens of sports centers, offering tourists a wide range of all kinds of entertainment. You can do anything from kayaking to hang gliding over the enchanting mountainsides.

In winter, there are several ski resorts in the vicinity of the lake. Besides, the convenient location of Bled makes it a good starting point for further trips around Slovenia. Ljubljana is not far away, as well as the famous Triglav National Park, the mystical Skocjan Caves, and another picturesque water reservoir Lake Bohinj.

Rhine Valley, Germany

In the Rhine River Valley, you can feel the spirit of real Germany. Here tiny villages dotted with half-timbered houses sit beside proud castles looking out at the world from the high coastal slopes. High mountains covered with verdure of green forests alternate with picturesque valleys and famous vineyards.

This is why the Rhine Valley is regarded as one of the most fascinating places in Germany. After all, even the most beautiful cities in this country can hardly compare with the quiet charm of local nature.