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Top 5 Destinations in Europe To Start Your Business

Entrepreneurs have long known that location is a crucial determinant of the overall performance of a startup. Issues of taxes, fund generation, government policies and other factors that affect businesses vary with location.

The World Bank acknowledges this and provides annual reports of countries' performances on business regulations. Hence, while some places are like the Dead Sea to living organisms, others are Eden with all things bright and beautiful.

We know you'd love the latter, so we have narrowed down five places in Europe that your business is sure to thrive.

1.     Denmark

Denmark is not only the best destination for business in Europe. It is also one of the best in the world. The country boasts of a rating of 4 on the World Bank's Ease of Business Rankings.

Besides, it is unrivalled in the world in trading across borders. Only six nations in the world can boast of better power availability. Other ratings are equally impressive. It is safe to say that everything seems to work in Denmark.

Meanwhile, they may not have the highest population, but they do have high returns. A tiny detail that may interest you is that they are among the high-income countries of the world.

Furthermore, the nation is pretty peaceful. It occupies the fifth position among the safest countries in the world on the report of Forbes. Thankfully, that has been its position for several years in a row.

2.     Georgia

Only six countries boast a better ranking than Georgia on the Ease of Business Ranking of 190 countries worldwide. Bested only by New Zealand, the country is the easiest to start a business in the whole world. In just a day, you can get your business registered and ready to go. That's impressive.

The issue of finance would always be a challenge for would-be entrepreneurs. However, in Georgia, things are somewhat different. Access to credit facilities is easy. An attestation to this is that they rank 15th in the world in terms of credit facilities.

Moreover, you don't even need a paid-in-minimum capital to have a limited liability company. Not even money can stop you now. You will also find their other economic statistics quite interesting.

3.     Norway

Ranking 9th on the Ease of Doing Business Data of 2020, Norway is a favourable destination for entrepreneurs. It is one place that immigrants have as much opportunity as nationals to do business.

Moreover, contracts are binding and have the needful protection to ensure their enforcement. Besides, investors can smile, as they are the 5th best in the world at handling cases of solvency.

Norway also welcomes competitiveness in its industries. A piece of evidence is the rise in company clusters sprouting all around the country.

4.     United Kingdom

Coming 8th in the world rankings is sufficient evidence that Brexit hasn't hit hard as one would expect. Infrastructure is certainly not a problem as they enjoy a superb power supply. Besides, when it comes to protecting minor investors, only six nations are doing it better.

Meanwhile, they enjoy relatively low taxation to other countries of similar political status. When it comes to starting a business, they come in 18th. While this may not look impressive, you would appreciate it when you find out that a capitalist nation like the US is at the 55th position.

Last but not least, there are only a few nations with such impressive economic stats that have the population to match. About sixty-seven million citizens are waiting to be customers for your enterprise.

5.     Sweden

Starting a business in Sweden does not require much hassle. The nation sits tenth on the World Bank's Ease of Business rankings. They also rank 9th in registering property. That means getting property and completing its registration for business wouldn't take your time.

Also, since most businesses need power, you would appreciate that the electricity supply is stable and one of the best in the world. You shouldn't have problems surfing the web every day to give you a competitive edge.

Besides, Sweden falls in the OECD high-income category. So, over ten million population is enough to make you smile.


No matter how appealing these countries are, your desire remains only fantasy if you don't get in. You may require the help of some of the best immigration solicitors in Manchester to help you with processing the needful documents. Once you're in, you will appreciate this post for letting you know about them.

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