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Ubersuggest Review - SEO Tools and Features for Site Owners

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If you were going to start a new website or blog from scratch today, what approach would you take differently? Before answering, also consider knowing what you know today, and how the landscape of content creation and SEO is changing all the time.

Personally, if I was to do it all again, I would focus much more on the content creation and SEO process with a fine tooth comb, rather than just creating a lot of content and spreading my marketing efforts out all over the place.

The reason for this decision is simple. Extremely tight niche focused sites, with long-form content and great linking structure are still winning at SEO and Google search rankings today.

The good news is, it isn’t too late to clean up your act, or take advantage of what you already have in place. This is thanks to the amazing selection of resources and tools we have for keyword and competitor analysis today.

One of the most recent platforms I’ve been using as of lately, is Ubersuggest -- and today I’m going to show you why it’s a great tool, the features I enjoy most and how you can start using it to your advantage as well.

But first… let’s cover the basics of why having an arsenal of SEO and marketing tools is a must for content creators and site owners of all sizes.

Why an All-in-One SEO Tool is a Must for Site Owners

Just back in time a few decades and you might remember when Google provided the keywords and search phrases that sites ranked for in Google. Yes, it seems like forever ago, but it was a glorious time to be a site owner focused on the free traffic provided by the search engines.

Today, Google pretty much just provides us with “Not Provided” as the source for all Google traffic. This ultimately makes the SEO process harder for site owners, and more profitable for Google by making advertisers pay for higher rankings with Adwords.

Thanks to the powerful tracking and research tools on the market today, site owners can get a better control over what content is ranking where on their sites, and also where their competitors are ranking as well. This is all possible by analyzing keywords and competitor scores before starting the content creation process. There are also plenty of tools and features that help site owners in ranking by analysing keyword traffic, difficulty scores and keyword/content ideas.

All of this and more are built into the powerful Ubersuggest SEO platform, which we will be looking at today.

Ubersuggest Review - The SEO Tool that Does it All

As the owner of multiple websites and blogs, I’ve tried several SEO tools and tracking solutions. While I do love the idea of diving deep into analytics and what’s ranking where and why, I do also appreciate the cleanliness of data and getting right to the point.

For these reasons and more, I’m really enjoying my experience with Ubersuggest, which is an all-in-one SEO tools and tracking platform. The solution was created by Neil Patel, who also constantly writes about emerging trends, marketing methods and business online. This is where I first came across the solution and knew it was backed by a solid name with experience.

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Without diving too deep into the tech and specs of what Ubersuggest has to offer, it’s a quick and easy SEO research tool for site owners of all sizes. The platform already has over 50,000 users and provides them with the ability to run site audits, access course training information and set up projects to analyze the process of their content and ranking efforts.

I will also be diving into my favorite tools and features in the next section. But, what also makes Ubersuggest different from the competition is it’s pricing. Right when you visit their main site, you can start searching without the need to sign up for an account or a free trial. There are limitations on how much search data is provided before you will need to become a member.

In reference to the price points for Ubersuggest, there are a few options. Users can sign up for free and connect their Ubersuggest account to Google Search Console, but will have limited access to how many reports and features they can access. To unlock all features, price plans start at $29 a month and go up to $99 a month depending on how many sites you want to manage.

Even at the $29 a month price, you are still looking at a third of the cost in comparison to other solutions like Ahrefs, Moz or SEMRush. As a member, you would also get full access to my favorite tools and features, which I will be covering next.

Keyword and Competitor Analysis Features and Reporting

Of the many different tools and tracking features offered by Ubersuggest, most of my favorites are in reference to keyword data and seeing where new opportunities exist for ranking higher, for alternative terms and outranking competitors within my niche market.

I’ve highlighted three such tools and analysis features below.

Keyword Research

The most common tool across nearly all SEO platforms is the Keyword Research tool. This is also where most users will start out in the analysis process. To get started, all you need to do is enter a keyword or search phrase, and then Ubersuggest will provide a very detailed report like the one below.

As you can see, we did a search for “content marketing” and it gave stats on search volume, SEO difficulty (and Paid), average Cost Per Click, volume across mobile and desktop devices and much more.

The Keyword Research tool is a great place to start, as you can click on any of the stat reports from this page to dive deeper into new categories of stats to fine tune your SEO efforts.

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Keyword Ideas

At the beginning of the article I talked about being able to start your site content creation and SEO process over again. If you were ever able to do this, or wanted to start the process, the Keyword Ideas tool would be a great feature to have.

My personal benefit of this feature is being able to look at a keyword we might want to create content around to rank for, but also seeing other relevant terms as well. Again, using “content marketing” as the focus keyword here, we can see a report below that includes recommended keyword variations and report data for each.

This data includes search volume, CPC averages and keyword difficulty ranking scores. The option is also there to pull more keywords through the "suggestions", "related", "questions" and other sorting tabs at the top of the report.

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Competitor Analysis

The third tool I wanted to feature is the Competitor Analysis tool, which is often posted alongside the keyword data reports. When looking at any of your content creation and ranking efforts, it’s always going to be to outrank the competition and to create better content. Thanks to this tool, the research and analysis process is a lot easier.

Once again, sticking with the “content marketing” search term, Ubersuggest provides the report below in reference to competitors ranking for this term in Google.

Not only will you see a list of the domains and URLs ranking, and where, but also the estimated traffic, links and social shares for the site. The keyword difficulty score is also there to remind you how easy or hard it might be to rank for this term. Neil Patel’s face is also at the top of this report, as he highlights what the average backlink amounts and domain score is across the ten sites ranking for this keyword.

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Keyword Research, Keyword Ideas and Competitor Analysis are three of the easiest (yet most effective) tools that I am using almost daily through Ubersuggest. Just through these three tools I’m able to better optimize my content writing and SEO efforts when updating existing content or planning to create new ones.

Ubersuggest Review Summary

Even after we’ve taken a look at the many different features and tools that Ubersuggest has to offer, we still only uncovered just the surface. However, isn’t the learning and discovery of a new tool and tracking platform part of all of the fun?

With Ubersuggest offering all of the major keyword tracking and analysis tools that most of the competitors offer, it’s no wonder why the platform is gaining in traction and users daily.

To learn more about what Ubersuggest has to offer and how you can start using all of their advanced tools, features and advanced training to further improve your own site and SEO efforts, be sure to check out their site today.

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