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Use The Best Beef Jerky to Season Your Dish

Each year, as we near America's birthday and the Fourth of July, we are reminded of some of our beloved American summer customs:

  • Tales from the campfire
  • Fishing
  • Picnics in parks
  • Attending baseball games
  • In the sun, wearing jeans shorts
  • Bathing in lakes
  • BBQs in the summer

What is your favorite aspect of summer in America? One of ours, as you might expect, is Beef Jerky. And now we'd like to find out what makes beef jerky so uniquely American.

To comprehend America's obsession with beef jerky, you must first grasp its history. The term "jerky" is derived from the Quechua word for dried, salted beef. The Quechua language, which is still spoken today, is descended from a common ancestor language spoken in South America. Many people claim that Incan tribes were manufacturing jerky as early as 1500.

With its extended shelf life and lack of refrigeration requirements, it's no surprise that the notion of jerky moved north and is still popular today. This takes us back to the topic of why Americans enjoy beef jerky so much. Let's see how many ways there are.

Reasons Why Americans Enjoy Beef Jerky

1. It is transportable. Jerky as well as Beef Snack Sticks has a lengthy shelf life and does not degrade readily, making it ideal for astronauts, the army, hikers, and globe travelers.

2. It is already ready to consume. Americans adore quick food. Anything that can be consumed immediately out of the packaging helps us keep up with our hectic schedules.

3. It includes beef (or other types of meat). Beef, and meat in general, constitute traditional American fare.

4. It's delectable. Hi-Country alone provides a wide range of jerky varieties and flavors, each with a unique take on America's favorite snack.

5. It is inexpensive. Jerky is a low-carb, nitrate-free, natural snack that is ideal for eating healthily on a budget.

Let's be honest. There's nothing bad about beef jerky. We're on our way to eat some right now…

What's The Deal with Men and Beef Jerky?

In most circumstances, witnessing someone eat beef jerky or any other meat snacks takes you back to your caveman days. We used to think of beef jerky as macho food, and most ladies wouldn't touch it. However, as goods improve and beef jerky becomes more widely available in a range of tastes, an increasing number of healthy eaters are turning to beef jerky as a go-to snack to recharge their bodies.

Why Do Customers Love Our Products?

While there are many other kinds and varieties of beef jerky available, our customers choose Hi-Country Jerky. It comes in a variety of delicious flavors and is an all-natural choice. It's also low in carbohydrates, which is ideal for your high protein diet. Customers get to decide among Jerky, Seasoning, Jerk Seasoning, Jerky Seasonings, Sausage Seasoning, Sausage Seasonings, Summer Sausage Kits, Sausage Making Kit, Jerky Making Kit, Salmon Seasoning, Seasoning Shakers, Seasoning Rub, Bison Jerky, Elk Jerky, Beef Jerky and more. Also, after testing every product on the market, the game seasoning kits were developed. We couldn't find that fresh flavor, so we made our own and sold it. We are a hunter-driven brand that sells our merchandise. All of our beef jerkies are made with 100% USA beef (Northern Rockies). Everything is manufactured and packaged in Lincoln, Montana. Montana-made.

Hi-Country ensures the quality and freshness of all of our produced goods, including USA Beef Jerky, Custom Game Jerky Seasoning, Custom Game Sausage Seasoning, and Seasoning Shakers. If you are ever unhappy with one of the Hi-Country Snack Foods for any reason, we will gladly return it or refund your money, whichever you choose! There will be no questions asked.

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