Visit Desert Safari Jaisalmer


Trying to ride a camel across Rajasthan's rolling dunes and sleeping under the stars could be one of the best memorable and fascinating adventures you can have in India.

The camel, sometimes known as the "ship of the desert," is the state animal of Rajasthan. A Camel tour allows tourists to get a glimpse of modest rural life while also bringing them closer to the natural desert view. The camel safari takes visitors across the desert sandy beaches, through historic palaces, ancient monuments, and ruined castles.

A Camel safari offers Rajasthani dance music and excellent food, among other things. Visitors can also participate in one of the many art programmes offered in the desert safari. While most folks think of deserts as barren and lifeless, the Jaisalmer Desert Camel Tour reveals the genuine splendor and allure of the dunes.

  • Desert Safari in Jaisalmer

Camel rides in Rajasthan are particularly famous in the desert bordering Jaisalmer. Many people love to go on a camel ride in Bikaner since it has its beauty. Many trip providers will choose your preferred itinerary, allowing you to choose between less-visited and more popular safari trails. The two most popular locations around Jaisalmer are certainly Sam and Khuri. Nothing is more exciting than a camel ride across the Thar's magnificent sands.

  •   Sam

 The actual sandy dunes that are most famous with camel tours are located 45 kilometers west of Jaisalmer. Get a taste of actual Rajasthan and participate in various cultural activities set in the world of shining dunes. You can also experience real Rajasthani people music and dance acts around the bonfire at midnight.

  •   Khuri

The vast desert hills encircle the Khuri. It is another favorite spot for a Jaisalmer Camel Ride. If the sandy dunes in Sam are too congested for you, Khuri may be a better option. The Khuri town, 40 kilometers south of Jaisalmer, is also an excellent place to go on a lovely camel safari. At night, take in the magnificent starlit sky and don't miss the mesmerizing sunset directly behind the Golden Sands. The region has a unique atmosphere that sets it distinct from other Rajasthani places. The buildings here are composed of mud brick and decorated with Persian rug patterns if you want to buy handmade things go-to wide lanes have stalls and shops.

When selecting a Camel tour in Rajasthan, it's necessary to avoid being influenced by lower-cost options because they are not handy in meals, accommodation, and other comforts.

  •   Camel Rides Tours and Duration

Camels' adventures, like any other experience, can be adapted to specific needs. Full-day camel tours are offered for those on a strict deadline, and you can depart the same day. You'll have to wake up early as part of the bargain. There are other two-day and one-night choices. Visitors prefer a four-day Camel safari because they want to discover even more. If this isn't enough for you, there are other 14-day, 21-day, and a couple of week’s camel trip choices available! Another choice is that many staunch fans choose a handmade program.

  • Best Time to Go 

As Rajasthan has a dry environment and Camel tours are usually conducted during the day, it is best to visit during September and March when the weather is better. After March, the desert begins to radiate a great deal of heat, and the rainy season begins.

  • Cost of a Desert Safari 

The food quality and lodging usually determine the cost of a Jaisalmer Desert Safari. If you want to include transportation and highest-level camping arrangements, the price might rise. It all depends on the choice of your package. If you choose cheap deals, then you will have fewer facilities. If you choose an expensive deal, then you will enjoy a 5-star rating service.

  • Things To Carry 

Bring a soft pillow to lay on to avoid painful legs and tummies throughout your camel safari. You should also bring sun block, a cap, a flashlight, bug repellant, plenty of water, and plenty of proper clothing.


If you opt to go on a camel safari, you will appreciate the splendor of the sands, and if you want to extend your visit, you will be able to participate in various other sports.

The campground is set among the beautiful dunes of the Jaisalmer desert. It provides the most incredible sight of the starlit at night. Enjoy luxury accommodation at the resort, which depicts the royal era of Maharajas and Marwar's unique abilities and talents.

Relaxing in this camp arrangement make you feel like Arabic nobility. The tents resemble guest rooms. The weather is so pleasant and mild that you don't even need an air conditioner. The guests enjoy various cultural activities, including a camel ride, a campfire, and so much more. It's well worth the money, and the events there are unforgettable.