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Boost Sales in Your Produce Section with Visual Storytelling

When running a grocery store, you always look for new ways to market your products. Many people only buy the same fruits and vegetables they are familiar with weekly, so it helps to try to introduce them to new options.

Instant Meals Versus Culinary Luxuries

Likewise, the companies that manufacture your canned and boxed products devote enormous amounts of financial resources to promoting them, so they draw great competition. More people are navigating towards easy options that require little preparation. If you want to encourage your shoppers to buy more fresh food, you’ll need to provide a few cues.

Trying New Sales Strategies

Change is vital when promoting the items in your produce section. If your store only contains the same displays month after month, your customers will quickly tune them out. You can boost sales of produce in your grocery store by trying out new ways to introduce products to your customers. 

What is Visual Storytelling?

As the name suggests, visual storytelling is a way to communicate a narrative using only visual cues, meaning no text or speech is involved. Often, visual storytelling is achieved through the use of video, photographs, graphics or painted images. However, in the case of a grocery store, you can also try using the product you have on hand to suggest new ideas to your customers.

How to Use Visual Storytelling in a Grocery Store

Consider how significant a role the visual aspect of any advertisement plays in selling products. You can tell a story in your produce section without resorting to any verbal communication whatsoever. Simple cues will go a long way.

For example, merely separating the fruit from the vegetables is a version of visual storytelling in its most basic form. Keeping your products moist and fresh is another way to tell a visual story.

While in the produce section, consider what visual cues already exist and what cues you can build on. Consider using different colours to elicit emotions or placing ingredients in one area to guide your shoppers toward new culinary experiences. 

Considering the Value of Your Display Tables

No aspect of your produce section is insignificant. Even the display tables you use to tell your customers something about the quality of your store. If you keep your fruits and vegetables in the old cardboard boxes they arrive in, you’re telling them that your food isn’t excellent quality.

However, if you only display your products using new and attractive display tables, everything in your store will seem more attractive. If you haven’t upgraded the display tables in your store for some time, you should consider looking at what is now available in the latest display tables. Remember, your customers will notice if your competitor offers a more attractive arrangement.

Visual storytelling can be used as an effective way to suggest new ideas to your customers. When you display a beach scene in your store, customers will be drawn to purchase summer foods like watermelon and corn. They’ll be more eager to pick up some hot chocolate if you display a winter paradise.

That said, visual cues will only be effective if your customers aren’t distracted by unattractive display tables. Contact a produce display manufacturer to find out what new tables you can add to your store.

Syandita Malakar
Syandita Malakar
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