What Business Travellers Want From Hotels: A Small Guide


It is not easy to book hotels that match all your preferences. When we are talking about a business trip, most of the time you find few rooms available in the area. This leaves you with lodging in a room that might not fit your preferences. So, is there anything that can be done in such a situation?

A lot of companies in recent years prefer putting up their executives in service apartments. As the duration of the stay can be more than a a couple of days, businesses look at better cost-effectiveness and affordability, while ensuring that their employees stay comfortably. This is why most businesses and professionals travelling to Singapore for work prefer Hericoll. If you wish to know more about the brand and its service apartment offerings, please click- https://hericoll.com/blog/serviced-apartment-singapore/.

If you are looking to offer your services to business travelers, the following guide will help you better understand what business travelers want.

Things Business Travellers Wants From The Hotels

To win their business, you must create awareness about the services you are offering for their accommodation. We have done thorough research and combed through several online reviews and testimonies and have come to the following things that business travelers look for in hotels.

1. Fast, Secure & Reliable Internet Connection

We are living in a digital era where the internet has become a necessity, especially for businesses. Hence, it is certain that business travelers will like to have a fast, secure, and reliable internet connection for their business transactions with affordable accommodations.

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Business travelers are willing to pay more bucks if the hotel can assure a reliable internet connection.

2. Ample Power Outlets

We are more plugged in than ever. Business travelers carry a lot of electronic devices that need to be charged regularly. Hence, ensure that your rooms have numerous power outlets to offer than convenient charging points.

If your property lacks relevant power outlets, solve the problem by offering a power extension socket.

3. Easy Transportation

Transportation is an important factor business travelers consider the most. Business travelers are here for business meetings, so they would want to have convenient transportation services to ensure they are on time for their meetings.

Hence, displaying this information on your website will play an important role in the booking process. 

4. Easy Check-In Process

Business travels a lot for business. Hence, they look for hotel and accommodation areas that have painless check-in processes. To adhere to the needs of business travelers, some hotels have started offering online check-in services with keyless entry. If that is not possible for your property, just ensure that you have an efficient check-in process.

5. Nutritional Food

You need to understand that business travelers are always on the go and appreciate good food in the hotel. Most business travelers look for hotels that serve healthy and fresh food on the table. 

How Are The Hotels Responding To The Business Travellers’ Needs?

According to research published in 2019, more and more hotels address the issues we have just listed above. In addition to that, hotels are looking into what modern travelers want from the establishment.

Here is a quick view of what the research concluded.

  • 50% of buyers are looking at the consumer review website.
  • 70% of business travelers are prioritizing the quality of amenities.
  • 97% of travelers want a high-speed internet connection.

Final Thoughts

The business travels have become so prominent that the business travelers want the comforts they enjoy in their home. They want to experience the same personalized experience they enjoy in their home. And the hotel is aware of these facts. This is why they have started revamping their structure to serve the business travelers with more tailor-made experiences.

If you are a property owner who offers your services to similar customers or your customers' persona matches business travelers, you now know what you need to do to boost your business.