What Is The Difference Between Insurer And Insured?


Coverage, Claims, and the Insurer

An insurance company will offer financial compensation for stuff that is damaged or lost provided that it is covered under your policy. Therefore, if something happens to you or your property that is covered under the insurance policy, then you can file a claim with an insurer. The insurance company will check your claim against the policy to find out if what happened to you or your property is covered. A claims process can take anywhere from some seconds to maybe a few months or so.

If the insurance company approves your claim, they will reimburse you for the damages or loss you incurred minus your insurance deductibles.

Who is an Insured

An insured, on the other hand, is the individual, or individuals covered under an insurance policy. An insured can also be an organization or business that is covered under an insurance policy. The insured may also be referred to as the policyholder.

If for example, you’ve got homeowners insurance, you are the insured party.

What does the Insured Do?

An insured is the individual or business that receives financial support and other benefits following an insurance claim. The term ‘insured’ is a generic term referring to any individual or entity that is legally entitled to receive benefits of an insurance policy. These benefits are typically claimed payments. An insurer makes payment to the insured when they experience covered damage, loss, or an injury that can qualify for payment under the terms of the policy.

An insured isn’t necessarily the person or entity that pays for the premiums of the insurance policy, it can be someone else or an entity that is covered by the policy.

There are, however, situations in which the insured buys an insurance policy to protect themselves against losses and damages in the event of a disaster, accident, or bad event. The insured or policy holder pays for the policy in anticipation that they will be compensated when they suffer damages and losses. 

A homeowner who buys homeowners insurance is considered an insured or policyholder. An employer who buys Business Owner’s Policy and general liability insurance is also an insured. However, in this case, there are other insureds in the same insurance policy. For example, the employees are insured and can receive protection while doing the employer’s or company’s duties. Take, for instance, an employee who damages the property of another person while doing the job of their employer, he or she is considered insured under the employer’s general liability insurance. So the company’s policy pays for the damages the employee causes.

That being said, customers or clients who are injured or suffer losses are not usually considered insureds. While they can receive insurance benefits, they are often referred to as claimants because they do not work for the said insured.

Now that you know who an insurer and insured are? Why don’t you buy an insurance policy to protect yourself and other individuals or property?

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