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What is the PPSR search procedure? / quickppsr-PPSRsearch

PPSRis the comprehensive, trustworthy Personal Property Secure Register on level of Australia. It contains important information regarding the financial, criminal and manufacture history of goods and personal properties. The PPSR search  is used by hundreds of people purchasing used cars, real-estate, shares or even artworks in Australia.

 Different PPSR search options

Luckily, PPSR search options are not limited to used cars only. Different options include the following:

  • PPSR Car Search – this is the most widely used PPSR search in Australia today. Hundreds of cars are being bought and sold each day. There are many stolen cars as well. This is the #1 reason people use the PPSR services. To request this type of search, you only need to provide the VIN of the car.
  • PPSR Motor Vehicles Search – this is the second most widely requested action related to the Personal Property Secure Register. Motor vehicles category includes all motor vehicles with total motor power equal to or exceeding 200W and vehicles which can develop at least 10 km/h velocity. These include trailers, motorcycles, caravans and trucks.
  • PPSR Watercraft Search – as boats often represent loans security, this PPSR search is very often among Australians as well.

Another classification of the types of search is based on your search mode. You can request a search upon:

  • Serial number – the serial number of a car is its VIN number; serial number of a boat is its HIN number. Patent or trademark is used for intelectual properties or copyrights. Nationality nad registration number is the serial number of an aircraft.
  • Point in time – a specific time, as well as name and birth date of the owner are required to perform this type of search. If you know when the property was registered, this will additionally ease your search.
  • Grantor – this refers to search of an organization or an individual in role of a lender. You need identifier (if you want to look up an organization, a business etc.) or name and birth date (for the individual).
  • PPSR Registration number – this is appropriate for financial owings check. You should have the VIN or chassis number if you are looking it up for a used car.
  • Ordinal search – if there are two parties having rights over a single good / property, you should perform the ordinal search, using two PPSR numbers.

Do you need to validate a PPSR search

Shortly, yes. Why? There are many reasons:

  • Buyers of used cars can legally protect themselves if they posses a validated PPSR search certificate;
  • Validation on the day of the purchase ensures that you have the up-to-date information and it completely prevents frauds;
  • It represents a softcopy (online version) of PPSR information on your good / property.

PPSR search is useful for individuals and businesses when entering a business, choosing a business partner or simply buying or selling a used car, motorcycle, land, etc. There are different ways of conducting the search, depending on the information you have and the information you want to obtain.

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