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When Should You Hire A Private Investigator And What To Expect From Them?

Private investigators are trained professionals who handle investigations, evidence, and information gathering. These professionals are the ones you turn to when you need to collect information discreetly. A part of the private investigator’s training is to blend with their environment so that they do not stand out and raise eyebrows. If someone has suggested the services of a private investigator to you, you may wonder why you need them and how these professionals help. Below are some instances that warrant the professionalism and expertise that a private investigator such as Steven Feakes & Associates: private investigator for infidelity offers.


Infidelity is one of the leading causes of relationship fractures. A partner who suspects their spouse of infidelity may be unable to take time out to follow the spouse until the needed evidence is obtained. Private investigators who investigate infidelity are often equipped with state-of-the-art technologies and equipment that make the job easier from a distance. Not only does a private investigator offer surveillance of your partner to gather hard evidence, but they can also investigate your financial records for odd expenses, which is sometimes a pointer to extra affairs or other bad habits like gambling and drug abuse.

If you have begun noticing unbalanced financial records, odd expenses, a low or non-existent sexual life, unusual behaviors or communication, and others, hiring a private investigator can help clear the air.

Child Custody

Child custody is one of the most contentious parts of a divorce. Partners often want full custody of their child or children, and this may cause them to fight dirty to obtain the desired results. However, if you wish to get a change of child custody agreement, you must be willing to provide hard facts and evidence to prove that the current custody situation is not in the child’s best interest. Private investigators know how to discreetly conduct this investigation to uncover the unhealthy living conditions or habits that the child or children are exposed to. The private investigator can also help to collect information on whether the custodial parent is in line with the custody agreement or not.

Hidden Assets

A divorce brings about a lot of contention between the parting partners. In some cases, partners may choose to hide some of their assets for personal financial gains after the divorce has been finalized. A private investigator is needed to uncover these hidden assets and ensure that they are divided according to the law. Private investigators have the right tools, knowledge, and expertise required to investigate assets that have been hidden whether in foreign or local accounts. Uncovering these assets increases the chances of a fair asset division.


Whether you are a small business owner or a top-level staff in a large corporation, you should be aware that fraud exists in almost every business. Detecting fraud may be hard, especially if you have tasked an in-house employee to handle the job. A private investigator, on the other hand, is not loyal to your employees and will conduct due diligence by following the money from its source to destination.

Hiring a private investigator may be all the help you need to understand why your business has failed to break even. These professionals make sure that every origin and destination of money in your business is traced to uncover financial mismanagement, embezzlement, and other forms of fraud.

Background Investigation

Businesses need to be sure of who they are hiring. To be extra sure that applicants are the right fit for their business and work environment, private investigator’s services may be needed. Private investigators have the tools and experience required to conduct a thorough background check into employees and applicants. This background check, depending on how comprehensive the client wants it, touches on all of the important aspects of the subject’s life including past work records, criminal records, educational records, and more. The information submitted can help businesses to determine whether an applicant is a right fit for their company.

Counter Surveillance

The competition in the modern business world isn’t always as healthy as one would expect. Although illegal, many businesses still engage in corporate espionage to get rid of their competition or to steal trade secrets. Whatever the reason for corporate espionage is, private investigators can help. These professionals have the training, experience, and expertise that is needed to detect discrepancies. They can also help you to boost security by investigating listening and surveillance devices planted in your office, home, or anywhere.

The services of a private investigator can be deployed in a wide variety of instances, especially one that involves security, discreetness, and evidence gathering.

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