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When to contemplate security seals over indicative seals

A main use of a particular security seal is to make sure that your products and merchandise is kept safe. This is mostly true when it comes to long distance transport, but even for high value items. This is why you need to carefully select the best security seals for your cargo. Compare the different ones by looking at the level of protection that they provide. The following explains when to contemplate security seals over indicative seals:

Different types of security seals

It is important to know the types of security seals present. Three levels of protection can be found, going from greater to lesser.

The high security seals are those for maritime containers. You can get them as a barrier seal. This is a tube-shaped seal that has two end stops. They can even be metal seals that have a cable. These possess a tensile strength which is in excess of 1019.72 kg. 

Security seals are standard seals. They include a metal seal that has adjustable cable. This is a less specialized kind of security seal in comparison to the previous one. It is suitable for different applications. The tensile strength begins at 231 kg.

The indicting seals are present for identification purposes. This is their main function. They are often composed of limited strength metal or maybe plastic. You may find them as security seals with metallic cube. They can be ring type seals or even adjustable strap seals. 

When to use security seals instead of indicative seals

From the above explanation you can tell that security seals are stronger than indicative seals. If you are transporting some precious cargo from one location to another, it will be better to use security seals. They are stronger and have more strength in comparison to indicative seals. You will not need to worry about your goods being tampered with this type of security seal. When cargo needs to be exported, you can think about getting good-quality security seals like barrier seals. You can look at seals from different brands like Hoefon Security Seals.

Indicative seals are better for identifying stuff. If you simply want to identify the cargo or help others do this, you can choose these seals. They are not suitable for protecting sensitive and expensive goods which need to be shipped. The safety of your goods cannot be guaranteed with these seals. 

Security seals are needed if a business wants to keep their products protected. It is important to know which ones to get according to the purpose you want to use them for. If you are shipping costly products for a brand, then you need to get something strong which will give you satisfaction that the item will remain secure. High security seals can help out here. If any tampering or theft occurs, this will negatively impacts a business. This is why it is better to invest in something that is of a good-quality and which will ensure the safety of the products.  

Syandita Malakar
Syandita Malakar
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