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Why are ULIPs more desirable than ever?

A solitary insurance policy is something that gives cash protection to your loved ones if you die unexpectedly. You pay recurring premiums to the insurer, who then pays the coverage amount to your nominee in the case of death.

When you combine this type of insurance coverage with an investment plan, you obtain a clever programme known as the Unit Linked Insurance Plan or ULIP plan.

What Is ULIP Plan?

A Unit Linked Insurance Plan is a combination plan that provides you with life risk coverage as well as certain investment opportunities. Unlike in a traditional insurance policy, where your full payment goes into your plan, the insurer divides your premium into two parts in a ULIP plan.

The first portion is invested in your insurance policy, while the second portion is invested in equities, debt, or bond funds. In this situation, it is up to you, the policyholder and investor, to pick where you want to put your money, and you can select from a choice of various programmes.

ULIP plan allows you to invest in numerous equities or debt funds based on your risk tolerance. While the premiums you pay are tax-deductible under Section 80C, the returns are also tax-free under Section 10(10D)# of the Income Tax Act of 1961.

As a result, the ULIP plan provides monetary stability for your family, financial appreciation, and tax savings.

How Does A Unit Linked Insurance Plan Work?

To understand how a Unit Linked Insurance Plan works, we must first grasp what the term "unit" implies. The insurer pools all of the investors' investing funds in a ULIP plan.

The insurer invests this pool of money in several portfolios based on the investor's preferences. The whole sum is then split into 'units,' each unit has a different value.

Each investor is then assigned units based on the amount of money deposited. As a result, the plan is known as a 'Unit' Linked Insurance Plan.

The 'Net Asset Value,' or NAV, of each unit, is known.

Unique Features of ULIP Plan

Investigating the characteristics of this choice will help you understand how a ULIP plan works and how a ULIP plan can benefit both you and your nominees or legal heirs. Here are some of the distinguishing characteristics of ULIPs.

Investment allocation

ULIPs enable you to pick investment channels according to your risk appetite. You have the option of being adventurous with stocks, prudent with debt funds or enjoying the best of all asset classes with balanced funds. You can also direct future premium payments to the funds of your choice.

Fund switch

If the performance of your chosen funds does not meet your expectations, or if market conditions change, you can swap from one fund type to another.

Thus, you may ride out market changes by reinvesting in debt funds during downturns and switching back to stocks during upswings. All of this is available at any moment, without additional prices or charges, under the same plan.

Partial withdrawal

After the five-year lock-in period, you can take money from your accounts in an emergency. The number of withdrawals authorised and the insurance provider determines the amount that can be withdrawn.


If you receive a windfall and have some extra cash on hand, you may utilise the top-up tool to boost your corpus. Top-ups are simply increased in the price you pay for your ULIP plan.

The more you invest, the higher your long-term profits may be. The top-up tool capitalises on this principle by allowing you to safely invest any excess funds you may have in market-linked investment alternatives that may increase your capital throughout the transaction.

Benefits of ULIP Plan

Let's look at some of the ways a ULIP plan might help you:

Makes Saving a Habit

When you save money in a ULIP plan every month, you're creating a habit of disciplined savings. As we all know, saving money is one of the most important aspects of any successful long-term financial strategy.

When you pay your premiums on time, you may enjoy the benefits of accumulating money for yourself while also ensuring the financial security of your loved ones.

Offers Protection

One of the most notable advantages of the ULIP plan is that it provides both life insurance and investing opportunities. So, in addition to accumulating money for yourself, these plans assure that your family will be financially taken after of case something unexpected happens to you.

Flexible Investments

With a ULIP plan, you have total financial control. You have the option to switch your finances at any time. This implies you may transfer money from equities funds to balanced and debt funds, and vice versa.

Furthermore, you can send future premiums to a different fund of your choice. You can top up your ULIP if you want to invest additional money later.

Most crucially, in some situations, you will be able to withdraw some of the cash from the investment for financial exigencies.

Tax Benefits

The money you put in your ULIP plan, like most other investments and life insurance products, is tax-deductible. Both the premiums you pay and the returns you get may be tax-free under Sections 80C and 10D of the Income Tax Act of 1961. Furthermore, if you want to transfer your money from one fund to another, you will not be required to pay any additional tax.

To take advantage of this ULIP plan tax break, you must ensure that your sum insured is at least ten times the annual premium you pay. If this condition is not satisfied, the maturity benefit will not be excluded from income tax, and your premium tax advantages will be limited to 10% of the entire value insured.

Growth Potential

The advantages of ULIP are numerous. However, one of the reasons it remains a popular investment option is its potential for development. These programmes enable you to develop your money by investing in debt and equity funds in market instruments. The profits you earn may assist you in meeting your long-term financial objectives.

More Rewards Over Time

The longer you spend in your ULIP plan, the more time you have to take advantage of advantages such as loyalty bonuses or wealth boosters. Once you've decided to invest, you should do so for the long haul.

Wrapping It Up

With a better understanding of how the ULIP plan function, you can make a more educated choice about this investment option. It is advantageous to remain involved for an extended. In the long run, the effect of market volatility is compensated. Over time, increasing percentages of your premiums are invested, allowing you to attain all of your future goals.

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