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Why IT Support NYC is important in ensuring data security

Types of Data Security

Data security and management is crucial for performing daily activities. Whether you are an individual or a business owner, everyone always makes use of data for different purposes. This indicates that data management is crucial and requires adequate security protocols to keep criminals away from it. IT Support NYC has proven themselves to be professionals in the implementation of data security protocols for safety purposes.

Technology advancement has increased the use of electronic systems for different purposes nowadays. As for businesses, this has been beneficial in simplifying the working process, but when it comes to the management of data, it’s not so easy. Especially, when cybercriminals are looking for an opportunity to breach the system and grab whatever (data) that will be beneficial to them. The issue associated with the poor management of data by businesses is due to its value and rapid increase based on the massive demand of customers and clients.

For these reasons, there are many types of data security protocol can be implemented for securing your business data, which includes:


Making use of an authentication feature in safeguarding your information from criminals is important because data is regarded as an asset. Adding authentication to your business data will require all users to verify their credentials before accessing any information. This is effective in protecting your business information from getting breached by cybercriminals. The authentication implemented will likely involve the use of a pin, code, pattern, or fingerprint for identity verification depending on the configuration.


Apart from using the authentication method, another type of data security is the tokenization method. Once the use of tokens to access data is activated, users will only have to enter a combination of secret numbers before accessing any data. This serves as a method of verifying user identity.  The secret code for accessing the data is generated using a mathematical algorithm that will be used in decrypting the data when accurately supplied.


The encryption method is popularly used by individuals and businesses because it’s easy to implement for the protection of data. When encrypting data, it will require a secret code to be assigned, which will only be used in decrypting the data in the future. This secret code can either be a combination of letters, numbers, or symbols. Once the secret code is entered successfully in the process of accessing encrypted data, it will decipher using an algorithm to verify the entered code before granting access to any user.


Adding firewalls is very important in any system. Whether you are protecting your data or improving the security of your business, firewalls are very important in restricting access to criminals from stealing information. Using the service of Triada Network to improve the security of your business is important for tightening business security.


Data is very important for performing daily activity whether offline or online and due to its importance making use of cybersecurity protocol is necessary. With all of these types of data security protocols implemented, there’s no doubt that the safety of data will always be guaranteed.

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