Why memories are important and why you need an Instagram story download 1080p


Today, in the digital age, storing memories has become much easier and simpler. We don't need to store photos in huge albums and we don't need to be afraid that photos will tear or fade. We just need to use a regular folder or cloud storage. At the same time, you can store not only your photos, but in general any picture from the Internet. You can also download content from social networks. However, this is not always possible. Some platforms (such as Instagram) impose special restrictions on the upload of their content. And to bypass these restrictions, you will have to use third-party tools and services (such as Inflact). You can download story IG. It will be a great solution. Some services, however, have really impressive functionality, such as “Instagram story download 1080p”. You just have to choose the one you like.

So, why do we need memories

Our life is like a swing. The attitude to certain events in life strongly depends on our physical and emotional state.

When we feel strength in ourselves, we feel good, we are able to withstand strong loads, both physical and emotional.

And what to do if there is no strength and a positive attitude “waved the pen”?


At such moments, a “box of good memories” can help. She is an additional resource and our internal support and support.

Why are memories so important? What do they influence?

Memories play a big role in shaping our opinion of ourselves, in realizing our value and significance.

Have you noticed that older people “live” with thoughts about the past, and in their memories “THEN” is always much better than “NOW”.

One of the properties of memory is the improvement of what was. For example, the troubles that arise in travel fade over time. Positive moments remain in the memory, which “do not fade”, but, on the contrary, become brighter.

Have you ever remembered good events from your own life?

Travels. Meetings with friends. Events from childhood. Unexpected gifts. Embrace. Your victories, triumphs, achievements.

What do you feel in these moments?

Joy. Feeling of confidence. Understanding that everything will be fine, everything will work out. Feel the warmth spread inside you.

Each such memory is a small ball of energy.

Do you know what is most valuable? This is your personal self-charging battery. Years will pass, and he will be with you, will work and give you energy.

Do you have something left as a physical reminder of a pleasant life event? Maybe a photograph or a nice trinket has been preserved.

Try to collect these small little things that evoke memories in one box-box.

Previous generations have already done this, I think you have seen references in books.

Open it when you feel discouraged, when a bad mood rolls up, when you lose confidence in yourself.

In your life, there has already been something that you have achieved. Happened. Gave joy. Pride. Many good things have already happened to you.

Remember them. Gather your collection of good memories. This is something that is timeless and will forever remain with you.

Those people who have a good memory can only be envied, because they are able to remember everything to the smallest detail and often simply amaze others with their ability to remember details. But sometimes such abilities are not at all beneficial to the person himself. Admit it, at least once in your life you have to deal with people who remember only negative events and completely refuse to keep positive moments, good memories of the soul in their memory. At every opportunity, they get negative memories from the depths of memory, and each time they mentally return to past unpleasant situations, again and again experiencing negative emotions. Such people always have some scary stories in reserve, heard on TV or from acquaintances. It seems that they purposefully remember only what can upset or make you suffer again.

If you ask such a person what good things he remembers from his life, he will only wrinkle his forehead, but he will hardly be able to extract at least a few good memories from his memory. But, really in their life there was nothing good? It just can't be. The life of every person is made up of diverse events. It contains both pleasant and not so pleasant memories. They are woven into our lives and form its fabric.


Thus, memories do play a very important role in our lives. It doesn't even matter if they are good or bad. You can learn a valuable lesson from each of them. 

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