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Why UX Is Important in Digital Marketing?

Since the digital revolution, international markets and digital platforms have updated their user-interface designs and concepts. UX refers to the user experience, which is imperative to boost overall traffic, generate online sales and target a greater pool of online users. Digital marketing trends have highlighted the significant need for a splendid user interface, creating engaging graphics and visual content. About 90% of the online users stay on websites and platforms that are more vivid and engaging than contemporary web pages. Every individual aspires to perform tasks in a user-friendly and highly visual environment.

A good ambiance is necessary for every high-end restaurant; similarly, UX is significantly important in digital marketing. More than 5000 digital marketing agencies in the US offer on-page and off-page marketing services to more than ten thousand companies and multinationals. According to the digital market statistics of 2017, about 78,000 individuals were hired in the capacity of UI/UX designers. The digital market would never stop growing; every day, billions of web pages update their UX designs to increase user interaction and generate targeted sales.

How are Digital Sales and UX Designs Interrelated?

Since 2018, a significant increase in online businesses has been observed. Multinational brands, companies, and working models have shifted to online and digitalized platforms to target a greater audience. About 2.1 million businesses are working online in the US, extending their reach to a global audience. Every online venture aspires to improve its digital concept and divert maximum potential leads and online customers to its product’s landing pages.

A recent market survey concludes that if an online customer stays on the product listing page for more than 150 seconds or 3 minutes, the individual might end up buying the product or searching for other suggested products. In order to improve user interaction, UX designs and templates are constantly updated and modified with ongoing market trends. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and many other social interaction platforms constantly improve their dashboard designs and other features to make users feel more valuable, welcomed, and accessible.

If an online user finds a digital platform or an e-commerce website appealing, the user will definitely scroll through the website and click on other tabs and pages. UX designs play a vital role in catching the eye of the user. Every minute detail of the website, from toolbar color to ribbon layout, everything matters. Digital marketing agencies in the US spend more than 1000 man-hours on average to improve website designs in pursuit of creating better and alluring user interfaces.

Which Online Ventures Give Significant Value to Strong UX Designs?

Almost every online business focuses on improving user interaction to boost sales and generate revenue from incoming online traffic. Whether it be an online gaming industry or a University’s LMS portal, every digital platform needs to be customized according to the need of the customer and online users. Mentioned below are the three main online ventures that require creative and user-friendly UX design concepts.

  • E-commerce Websites
  • Online Gaming Industry
  • Resource and Project Management Platforms

E-commerce Websites

According to the statistics of 2020, over 2 billion individuals visited various e-commerce websites to purchase finished goods and essential products. In today’s rapidly growing world, every individual prefers staying back at home and ordering products online. There are about 24 million e-commerce websites on the world wide web accessed by almost 60% of the world’s population. E-commerce websites maintain their UI/UX designs throughout the year to encourage and boost user interaction. A simplified yet attractive online shopping platform will attract more online users than contemporary and tedious websites. Moreover, UX designs aren’t just limited to websites; mobile applications need to possess vivid UX designs to keep the users interested and satisfied.

Online Gaming and Betting Industry

In the past 4-5 years, the online gaming industry has significantly flourished, attracting more than 3.24 billion active users throughout the year. The online gambling and betting industry is expected to have a net worth of $130 billion by 2027. Online e-sports and casinos constantly update their UX designs to attract thousands of avid gamblers and Poker players who prefer simplified gaming options. E-betting websites and digital sportsbook platforms are buzzing throughout the sports seasons. Sportsbooks like Caesars give great importance to UX designs and graphical content, which millions of users access throughout the day. Every online better and sports freak prefers to bet via simplified and comprehensive betting websites, having substantial UX designs and user interfaces. Caesars sportsbook and casinos offer interactive UX designs for online gamblers and professional betters who aspire to make thousands of dollars overnight.

Resource and Project Management Platforms

Gone are the days when project managers and supervisors were glued to management softwares like Ms. Project and Primavera P6. Now every organization and the business venture has digitized and updated its contemporary working methods. With data accessible via digital clouds and online portals, managers require online project management tools and platforms. With the growing demand for resource allocation and project management tools, online platforms have simplified their online tools and portals. User-friendly and easy-to-understand management platforms have created ease for online business managers and virtual assistants. UX designs focus on improving various disciplines, including user interface design, Human-Computer Interface, information modeling, usability, and ease of accessibility. Comprehensive and easy-to-operate management tools are the imperative need of time. More than 2 million businesses use online project management dashboards. Online traders and trades use project management dashboards to simplify their working schedules and track and monitor their daily progress.

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Final Word

In this highly digitalized, visually alluring world, every online platform needs to produce thoughtful and interactive UX designs to grasp the user’s attention. IT and digital marketing firms hire thousands of determined UX and graphic designers to improve UX designs every year. The online digital community will keep growing and attracting billions of individuals across the globe. Brands and online ventures need to constantly produce engaging user-centered content to boost their sales and increase ROI. 

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Syandita Malakar
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