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6 Essential Packing Tips You Need to Know To Ensure a Safe Relocation

Home relocation is definitely a daunting process, but what actually makes people anxious is the part where enormous effort and time go into packing. Packing everything safely without missing out on vital belongings is a very crucial part of shifting to a new place and you must do it with perfection.  You can surely hire a professional packers and movers Chennai to help you with packing and moving everything seamlessly, but if you want to do the packing yourself, make sure you have a foolproof plan in mind. 

Here are some much needed packing tips for moving that will help you move your belongings effectively and of course with maximum safety. 

  • Choose the right sized packing boxes

Packing boxes that are available in the market differ in size, shape and weight. The same goes with your belongings that must be moved. While some are sturdy, some might be fragile, some are big and some are small. So, make sure you use the right packing box size to pack the items. Group items of similar size together and this will help you sort out things while packing. 

  • Avoid Overpacking 

You might think that investing in a lesser number of boxes would save you money if you know the art of over packing them. But that is never a good idea to go with. Also, you might be using too much bubble wrap, packing peanuts, or packing paper to ensure the safety of your belongings. But that again is not the correct way.  Just use a few layers and also use more boxes to fit in all the items so that none of the boxes have too much pressure of carrying the belongings. 

  • Be Careful while Stacking the Items 

You might be using high quality moving boxes to make sure that your belongings are completely protected. Stacking them carelessly would mean collision among the items inside them, causing them damage during transit. So, always take care and precaution while stacking them and always keep some gap between them. Wrap fragile items with paper or your clothes to ensure that they remain safe.

  • Use High Quality Packing Items 

Image Source: Leo Packers and Movers

Be it the boxes you are using or the packing materials like bubble wraps, they should always be of high quality. This is important to ensure their maximum safety and protection. If you have hired a packers and movers in Chennai, check whether they use good quality packaging materials and packing boxes or not. 

  • Correct Labelling is Vital 

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Once you are done packing everything in the boxes, time to ensure their safety during the transit. How would you do it? To guarantee that they are not lost or misplaced, label each one of them and also take photographs.  You should also add handling instructions on them, for instance, mention ‘fragile’ on a box of glass items. This way, even the moving company will have some idea about handling your boxes and they would be completely safe and undamaged. 

  • Package Tracking is a Must 

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Image Source: No Attribution Required

Does your moving company offer the option of package tracking? Only hire one of the moving companies that provide this service. This is quite important for expensive items and especially when they have to travel a long distance to reach your new address. This gives you a peace of mind that your items are safely reaching the new address, without any hassle like disappearance.  If the parcel faces any issue on the way, you will be immediately notified and you can take necessary steps required to vouch for their safety. Information like the up-to-date location and the status of your delivery is a must and hence, you will be sure whether the delivery will reach on time or is delayed due to some reason. 

Not that you are moving forward with a checklist to move to a new location, to your dream house, each and every step you take must be calculated. From completing all the official work for the new address to hiring a good moving company, to starting the enormously huge task of packing, things need to be taken care of. For instance, allocate an hour everyday to pack your belongings so that you don't waste time or you don’t feel messed up by the day of relocation. Keep things ready and prioritize the safety of your belongings. Happy moving!

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