7 Activities to do in Arkansas


When planning out your summer vacation this year, consider the lovely state of Arkansas. While it might be easy, especially after the rough times of the past 2 years, to aim for something big like Disney World or New York City, everyone else in the country is sure to be going there as well. The pandemic isn’t truly over yet, so avoiding huge crowds is still advised. On top of that, Arkansas offers a lot of beautiful parks and majestic gardens, the perfect sights for warm weather sightseeing.

Arkansas also has a lot of amazing man made landmarks. There are museums for art and history, galore, and even a presidential library. On the more modern side, Arkansas is into the current trend of sports betting. Through casinos and handy apps, people in Arizona can legally place bets on big games and college leagues. The apps come from trusted names known for security and ease of use. Arkansas Caesars sportsbook is set to be one of the top apps in the state, as people all over are excited to bet on the latest seasons of major league sports.

Whether you’re looking for natural wonder, illuminating education, or the thrill of high-stakes sports betting, Arkansas is sure to offer a memorable trip. Check out these 7 things you can only find in Arkansas.

Buffalo National River

For the true nature lovers out there, the Buffalo National River offers clean, unpolluted waters. They’re open to kayaking, canoeing, and even inner tubing. The land alongside a large stretch of the river has three protected wildlife areas. They are home to deer, bobcats, and other creatures you won’t often see in everyday life. Other areas along the river offer hiking and horseback riding trails.

Arkansas Air Museum

If you love planes with propellers on them, then the Arkansas Air Museum is for you. There’s a nice collection of racing and military planes from the 1920s through the 1940s. These planes are still in flyable condition and are staged in an actual 1940s-style aircraft hangar.


Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art

This building is art in and of itself, positioned on a river and weaved through trails of forested land. Inside you’ll find paintings from some of the modern American greats like Andy Warhol, Norman Rockwell, and Georgia O'Keeffe. This museum is one of the largest showcases of American art in the country.

Hot Springs National Park

The healing properties of the hot springs of the Ouachita Mountains have been legend for many years. Now, you can dip in their soothing waters yourself at one of the many old bathhouses in the area. The surrounding land is also a national park full of hiking trails and relaxing scenery.

William J. Clinton Presidential Library and Museum

Aside from being a presidential library that hosts many rare and important books, this building is also a museum dedicated to the 42nd president. Due to Clinton being a more recent president, there are plenty of photos and artifacts of his life and career, including a full-scale replica of the Oval Office as it looked during Clinton’s presidency.

Crater of Diamonds State Park

This park has the distinction of being the only source of natural diamonds in the US that is actively open to the public. When you come to visit the park, you can actually hunt for diamonds. If you happen to discover a diamond in the crater, you are allowed to take it home with you. Other activities include a museum and large campground.

Sports Betting

If you find yourself near a casino in Arkansas, you can take part in sports betting. Apps will help you get in on the action if you’re not planning to visit a casino. If you go the route of apps, you’ll be able to bet on live games in both major and college leagues, as well as take advantage of promo codes to get some goodies when you first place a bet.

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